Friday, November 16, 2018

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Anorectal Ulceration - Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

The mighty river of gore - Gangese, gave birth to a very sick band. A band that surprised the Grind underground with its debut album. I`m talking about Anorectal Ulceration and their album Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster. As far as I know these Indian bastards worked long and hard on this recording, my hat's off to them, these guys have done an impressive and massive job. Believe me this work worthy of listening. Starting fwith the cover design (that isn't overflowing with gore images and I respect that) the main cover of this CD is charged with toxic audio stench. I`m really excited to hear this noise, hope you are too. I'm pressing the button and… A whole bucket of rot and vomit pours straight on me, ha! This noise is ripping my guts out! The sound is pleasantly heavy and dirty, I honestly want to say that Anorectal Ulceration caught a really old and good Gore sound. In all 22 songs I hear a lot of juicy inspiration from LDOH and Regurgitate (these guys definitely chose the right direction). Buzzing sound from chainsaw guitar combines perfectly with the disgusting blasting drums. The distorted growls are fucking mad! Oh wait a minute, I just found a secret of this sound. Mixing and mastering was done by old pervert Guillaume (Pulmonary Fibrosis), that guy knows how to create perfect Gore. I do not want to highlight any of the songs, because all of them are badass, and they sound like one mutilated piece of flesh. And the very last dot… This album warmed my ugly heart, haha! Rating: 8/10 Anorectal Ulceration fb Anorectal Ulceration bc

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First look at Sick of Stupidity / Disuse split!

Scapegoats CDs will be released early next year!


Convulsions / Recalcitrant

Since the the early 80's and through the following decades, Grindcore was never a stable genre. Over the years this amorphous substance mutated into something more aggressive, more ferocious and with heavier sound. It's like a race, where everyone is trying to hold the lead position, hehe. So it comes as no surprise that nowadays Grindcore is drastically different than it's origins. Speaking of modern Grind... Today I want to spin a great split with fresh bands that are worthy of your attention. I hold in my hands the result of friendship between Spanish Grinders, Convulsions and American Grinders, Recalcitrant. This Grindcore salad is served with blasting sauce and a pint of bitter buzzing sound. I won't lie, the look of this release is not attractive at all, but the sound of this split is full of tasty tunes. So… The first band is Convulsions and the first song is Apurando El Día. This is blood boiling Grindcore, it`s fresh and it`s full of live energy. This noise sounds like hyperspeed punk rock, ha! Simple riffs, fast structures, good guitar tone. These rather specific kind of vocals (it sounds like guttural screaming) fit perfectly with this madness. All the noise from the cymbals and drum set line up with all the other instruments, so it doesn't pop-out. It seems that everything is in harmony, but there is one small issue I had, I didn't hear the bass guitar, that`s a pity. Recalcitrant came up with an absolutely jaw dropping session. I feel like they put all their hate and anger into these songs. I really dig this side, this noise is heavier than Convulsions, these US Grinders use a lot good tricks from old school Grind bands (personally I feel influences from Assuck and Excruciating Terror). Blasting speed is really good (without breaking the sound barrier), the drummer switches into some groove beats which just feel right. Guitar is a bit messy, but in general it sounds badass and yes, the vocals sound barbaric and evil. Recalcitrant didn't forget to use all the necessary Grind ingredients and the result is very potent. Rating: 8/10 Convulsions fb Recalcitrant fb

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Obscene Extreme 2018!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Split Dead Friends / Erectile Dementia is out!

More info is at Backwoods Butcher Records!

Puke Fest!

Meth Leppard ​/​ Deterioration

What could you expect from two grind bands which are located at diferentes continents? Of course you will be expecting some powerful noise and that is only logical. But, what if these bands know each other? With no doubt they will do a split 😉 Todays heroes are Meth Leppard from Australian and Deterioration from the USA. I bet you all know these guys, and many of you have shared a beer with them during their tours… Awesome guys and bands, let's find out what have they recorded in their basements.

So according to marks on this vinyl, we should play the Deterioration side first. Wtf was that? It`s pure insanity… without any warning, it's just a fast killing punch into the face. I must say it was painful, haha! As usual, Deterioration has a bit of a muddy sound but a crazy load of power. The blast beats parts sound like machine gun fire, guitar is heavy and the riffs are short. That what I wanted to heard from these fuckers, I'm glad that they managed to record such mad noise like that.

Side B. My old Australian friends came up with 5 robust tracks. I must say that they coped well with this grindcore deal. You won't hear anything radically new, but you also won't hear any weak material. They are sticking to their own style (and that is good thing). Bloody dangerous speed, recognizable guitar sound and tons of blast beats. Twisting moments between blast parts making this noise  spicier and more diverse. Meth Leppard is a pure drilling machine and they will make a hole in your skull with their grindcore!

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Ona Snop vinyl version!

Order your copy at Here And Now Records!

ENT and Desecration are going to burn Ukraine!

This winter two legendary bands will visit Ukraine for the very first time! Extreme Noise Terror and Desecration will destroy Kiev and Kharkiv. We will be there to document the monstrous live performance first hand! Join us in this crusty mosh pit! The tickets are HERE! 

Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

I was really excited when this tape showed up in the mail the other day; I've been looking forward to reviewing this release for a while. There's something really satisfying about getting a tape that's a little under 15 minutes in length, but with a song count that would makemost people go "how could you possibly remember that all of that?". This tape contains 27 tracks from FLVX and 31 tracks from Suppression, wrapped up in a traditional black/clear tape case with some brigh artwork. The art is definitely eye-catching, since it's orange, light blue, and yellow (a little different from your standard grind release, haha!), but otherwise it doesn't really stand out as amazing artwork to me. But what about the contents of the tape? Do they stand out? Lets find out.

I started with the Flvx Capacitor side, and my first though was "damn, this is what I was hoping for". It starts with a sample and some swelling noise, and promptly burts into a no-frills grindcore frenzy. To me, it sounds like it was recorded very simply - live, raw, and all in the same room. It's very raw, but in a good way. You can hear everything pretty well - the vocals, drums, and guitar definitely stand out and don't really get lost, though I wish I was able to hear the bass a bit more. The times you can hear it, it definitely has that grinding bass sound that we all know and love. But besides the sound, this is 27 tracks of non-stop, pummelling grindcore. This is what grind SHOULD be - just...fucking relentless. You don't get a break, you just get broken.

Suppression comes next, and this side doesn't disappoint at all. It's loud, it's fast, and it's full of that electronic noise that you'd expect from Suppression. Honestly, I'd say it's even more relentless than the Flvx Capacitor side. The distorted vocals are so up front and in your face, it almost feels like Jason is grabbing your head and screaming into your ears, and he sounds PISSED. The drums come through really well, as does the electronics when they're used, though a lot of times when everything was going at full blast, it felt pretty easy to miss the bass. But then again...we're in this for the speed and the aggression, not the ability to pick out the exact notes he's hitting, am I right? This side of the split is absolutely pulverizing, and it's a truly fine piece of noise.

All in all - I listened to this a few times in a row, and frankly, I'm fucking exhausted. This split blew me away, and it sucked the life right out of me with its huge tracklist of chaos and noise. I loved this, and I'll go back to it in the future, for sure.

Rating: 8.5/10 Suppression fb Flvx Capacitor fb

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Review by Nick Vecellio

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Split No God Rhetoric / Convulsions will be out at Psychocontrol rec!

You can check the whole split HERE!

Split Scumdogs / Üden will be out soon!

More news from Power It Up records!

Split LP Lifespite &Hostage will be out soon at Regurgitated Semen Records!

First look at Flash Out / Tomb Warden split 7"!

Mesrine - Old School '99 (Uranium Overdose)

Are you itching for real dirty, primitive, and noisy grindcore from 90's? Not a problem! Uranium Overdose has prepared a very lovely re-issue of some old material from the band Mesrine. This limited edition release contains songs from two of the very first releases from these crazy Canadians; a 3 Way Split CD with Traumatism and Nyctophobic + split with legendary Rot. As far as I know, all tracks were remastered. Hopefully, they sound not so messy now (we will check that in second part of our review). The artwork looks like a cover from the 90's or 80's. Simple white and black colors, funny corpse with ripped belly - everything looks exactly like in old days. You may say that this is stupid, maybe you`re right, but that perfectly works with grindcore. The vinyl has nice and light marble green color, it really pleasant to hold it in your hands and watch when it spins on your turntable.   

Side A is the first 8 songs. 45 RPM couple of minutes of cave crazy fun. So the tracks after remastering sound louder, but they are still messy. Drums and vocal are on the first line, as for guitar it is heavy and buzzing (which is cute) but it`s mostly cluttered with drums and screams. Despite those problems, I get a lot of pleasure listening this side. Pure, crazy, wild and so simple that how grind should be.

Side B, 4 songs from the split with mighty gods Rot.  This side is better, guitar sound is louder and everything is in nasty harmony, hehe. But in general, material is very close to side A. Raw and furious, that how I can describe this old noise.

Last words - This is interesting release, and it's worth listening to and worth being in your collection, even if you`re not a big fan of raw grindcore.

Rating: 8/10 Mesrine fb

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Split tape SkullxPiercer / Maggot Bath!

You can listen the whole tape HERE! 

Attention Finland!

New album from Intestinal Disgorge!

This tape released by No Bread rec!

Bloodshed Fest 2019!

Meatknife - Junky Town (Clabasster Records)

Meatknife is an old (they started at 1995) and pretty famous band from thhe deepest and most perverted dungeons of Germany. With 6 albums behind them, they back with the brand new album “Junky Town”! This 7th album has 16 songs, and as always, all material is full of crazy perverted themes, and it`s done in the recognizable Meatknife style, but I will talk about that a bit later. I don't know who the artistof this mad art is, but that person did a good job. This art full of madness, anti-tolerance, violence and blood… Destroyed future, total anarchy on the streets, psychopathic clowns (the artist drew all members of the band), blood, drugs, and 100% harsh perversion... I believe this picture is suits perfectly to this “music”. But is that true? Am I right? Let's check! Oh, boy, I don`t know how to start… First of all, I notice huge changes in sound; it's super clean and could be compared with sound of Metallica or Slipknot. I expected something nasty that would continue the “Pimple with Pus” line, and would fit to the main image. Well I was wrong… The whole album sounds too digitalized, especially in the guitar tone, bass drum, cymbals and snare drum. They are simply dry and juiceless, foor my taste of course. Also, I didn't get these break down moments(like in Lucille song)... this trick sounds cheap. For a positive moment, I like all of the crazy intros, they are great. I want to highlight the intro in the “Dirty Sanches” track, that part is funnier that the song. Also I caught the slow groove in “Grind-A-Billy”, that refrain is stupid and awesome. I can`t say that I dig this album, this modern slamming grooves is just not my piece of rotten pie. Rating: 6.5/10 Meatknife fb

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