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Obscene Extreme Festivals 20th anniversary special (27.06.18)

This is a very special year for Obscene Extreme Festival. For the last 20 Years this Festival has been the biggest party of the year. Needless to say it has become one of the most anticipated events for Grinders,Death Metal freaks and Weirdos alike. Every year people from around the globe congregate at Trutnov for the purpose of fun of the highest caliber. GGGG wants to congratulate this massive festival, and of course we did it in our way! We chose 7 bands from the insane lineup, and had a quick chat with them about their plans for OEF. So read and enjoy boys and girls!
Happy 25th Anniversary Obscene Extreme!

Hi Naru! What’s going on in your camp? What can you tell us about your last mini tour? What feelings are swarming in your head after the trip?
Mini tour? You talking about Malaysia / Singapore tour or 3 days tour with UNHOLY GRAVE in March, Japan?
I'm always on the road every weekend, not only with my band. I organize many shows and tours here. So travelling around is not special anymore. Feels like business life but I get lots of inspiration on the road. I'm a slave of Death and Grind. Ha!
You played in Trutnov around 14 years ago, correct? Do you remember that show? And what do you expect from your future performance in July?
First OEF was 2004 with my band. But I went to OEF in 2016 privately. So this is my 3rd time at OEF. My fourth time going to the Czech Republic. Now we have new members, this is their first time in the Czech Republic. Hopefully they enjoy OEF and play good.
I'm sure not many fans know that you’re the boss at Obliteration Rec. So do you have plans to bring some new stuff to the fest with you?
Probably not. I have to bring my own gear. I cannot bring my label's stuff. But in Europe, lots of labels sell my CDs via their online shop like Bizarre Leprous, Self Made God, FODA recs, etc, etc. You can buy my releases in your area if you’re into the underground scene.
Thank you man, see you at OEF! Any final words for our readers?

Come over during our set and enjoy yourself, dancing, moshing, banging or sleeping! You do what you want!! Can't wait meet all you guys in Trutnov! Cheers!

Martin you remember the first OEF festival, right? Could you compare these old times to nowadays Obscene Extreme? What has changed?
Oh yes, I do remember the real beginning of the Obscene Extreme Festival. Even the first idea about the festival, Curby had in 1998 at the Fuck the Commerce Festival in Germany, when I was present. Everyone knows that this festival evolved from a really DIY festival to a much bigger one. It’s great is that the emotions of being DIY and the real music underground can still be felt there. So if we are speaking about festival mood, which is very special, it didn´t change at all. Many more people at the festival and technical support, that´s what has changed from the beginning. It’s great because bands and fans can get better services and can enjoy time at OEF. And it´s just great!!!
I can honestly call you a resident of OEF. How many times have you climbed on this stage?
Well, I have to take look…this year we will climb the stage with MALIGNANT TUMOUR for our eighth time which is great if you ask me. I also filled sometime with other bands as a guest and it´s also fucking great!!! To be on stage with my heroes like Jan AG or Danny Lilker is like fulfilling my dreams!!! OEF is our home away from home and every time we enjoy the time we spend there!!! I’ve at every year of the OEF so you can call me a fixture of the festival…hehehehe…in fact I am now in the process of making a book about Obscene Extreme Festival, but it won’t be out this year… Hopefully next year.
Recently you were on tour with Ahumado Granujo. Tell us a little bit about that journey.
That special tour was an Obscene Extreme warm up tour. We decided to make it a bit special and to fulfil the fans questions if we can do a set with old MALIGNANT TUMOUR songs. So I called my old band mates and ask them if they would join and they said yes. We made up few rehearsals and asked our friends from AHUMADO GRANUJO to join as they don´t play live that much. I can honestly say that this tour was quite a success and we all enjoyed it even though it was hard work. But I guess it won’t be happening anymore. If I would like to play Grindcore, I will make another project.
That is all, thank you so much. And the last question for you. Martin how many beers do you plan to drink during this huge anniversary party?

Hahahaha... I might disappoint you but, I am not a big beer drinker and lately I am trying to not drink much anyway as I have got diabetes. But if you will be there we can kill some good whiskey shots. What do you think? Thank you for the interview and see you all at 20th anniversary of OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL!!!

First off, congratulations on such a great chance for a young band to show your stuff at the biggest party of the year. What did it feel like when your band was confirmed?
Hello! It was a really happy moment for us when we knew we were playing this summer, since we have attended the fest in previous years, and it's a huge party where we can see bands that we like a lot, people from all over the world, buy a lot of vinyl records... so I guess you can imagine how glad we are!
This is a pretty big festival. Do you have your own formula for preparing to be on such a stage in front of so many people?
Well... We don't think we'll play for that many people, since we play pretty early on ‪Thursday morning‬ hahahaha. We've chosen songs from our EP, our latest split, and new songs, which will be performed, live for the first time outside of our city. We'll try to play as fast as possible, and leave the least silence possible; we like to play our songs directly one after another.
Your split with Recalcitrant is nearly complete; will you be able to present it at the show?
Yes, of course, it's already available, and we're going to play every song featured on it, even the Denak cover!
Let's finish our small talk for now. Hope to meet you there man. Do you have any final words of wisdom for our readers?

Thanks a lot for counting on us and supporting us from GGGG, and we hope people enjoy our live show. It's the first time we'll hit the Czech Republic as a band and it's a place we like a lot!

Hi brother! The flight tickets are booked so hope you`re ready. Are you excited? What do you expect from the OEF? Also what bands do you want to see?
Yes, Flights are booked and dates are set. This will be the ultimate experience for us in general. We have been looking forward to this for the last year or so. And now the time to Grind is here soon. We expect nothing but great vibes and times as told by our friends in TEST(Brazil). They told us that we will have the best times. In terms of bands, we really don’t know a lot of bands on the fest except some would be very nice to find and explore new bands. I think one band we do like to see and we are playing together on the Sunday after show is Self Deconstruction from Japan. From what we have seen in the videos, they rule!
This will be your first time in Europe, right? How many shows do you plan to play? Do you have some special places that you want to visit?
Yes our first time in Europe, and the best time we hope and wish. We have a total of 5 shows for now including 2 shows at OEF (Main stage and post fest show) and we are looking for 1 more . Our visa is short, and we had to cancel a bunch of shows due to that. But it’s all good, we will keep it short and sweet. We keepin it real this time like the NYC streets. We have no plans, but just to experience OEF in it’s entirety. If there are some cities you want us to visit and recommend, we will try to squeeze them in our tight schedule.
There is one question that is troubling me. Are you going to play with both of your drummers?
Yes the Gurkha Commando Blast Team will be in full force. It will be for sure a VULGAR DISPLAY OF BLASTS.
Well I`m out of questions, see you in the pit my friend!

We can’t wait to see you and a whole lot of friends who are coming to see us and new friends to be. Please do drop by into the Chepang Merch table for some Gurkha hugs. One Love, One Grind TWO Blasts. Cheers

Hi Arif! So, are you ready to return to mother land of Grind this summer? Also this will be the only show that Wormrot is playing, why is that? You have no time for full tour or?
Hey Alex! Of course! OEF is our 2nd home. The last time we played there was in 2012. 6 years is probably too long to be away from home. We are going to party hard for their 20th Anniversary. Yes it is an exclusive show for Wormrot in Europe. Personally I can't afford to take anymore leave from work. So this is the best we could do to show up.
Do you plan to make a special set list (or other presents) for this anniversary party?
It is going to be pretty much the same set from the US tour. But, who knows we might add something along the way. We will be playing almost the entire discography if we have the chance to. haha.
Also I want to ask you about your trip to USA. You had some issues there right?
Yeah man. It was a mess. But, we managed to get help from our band manager Azean and also from our friends in the States to get our stuff back. Truly grateful for that. Our friend got deported but, he is safe back home that's all that matters. But we were back on track throughout almost half of the tour. So it was all good!
That's all folks. But before you go I have one more thing to ask. Arif, will you jump from the stage into the mosh pit?

If I have enough wine in my body, I WILL. Its OEF anniversary! Let's celebrate!

Hi Anderson! How it`s going man? First of all, I want to congratulate you on the new album. What can you tell us about this massive work?
Anderson: Thanks for the opportunity to be here at Good Guys Go Grind Zine, it's a pleasure. So, Expurgo's new album is finally released, we've worked for 3 long years and although it took a long time the result was very good. We got a dirty but audible sound and musically it's the same kind of old school Grindcore we've always done, with a bit of Crust Punk, a bit of Gore and a bit of Death Metal. But, I think we're performing the songs better than the first album "Burial Ground". We made this album thinking about good old Grindcore fans, I hope everyone enjoys Deformed by Law.
What feelings are swarming your brain about your future tour and OEF gig?
Anderson: Dude, we're completely crazy, happy and excited about our first tour across the old continent. It is something that we’ve always wanted to do and only now we can achieve. They will certainly be the best days of our lives. We will play for 8 days through Germany, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic, playing in underground squat punk, dirty and cozy places and closing in the classic Obscene Extreme Festival. The day we'll play in OEF will be unforgettable, it will be my birthday! It will be killer!
Do you like when fans join you on the stage and start moshing with you? Do you expect that at OEF?
Yes! Definitely! We love when the guys come to the stage and start moshing, screaming and diving off the stage. Usually, that happens at the Expurgo shows here in Brazil and it is awesome. Fuck the idols and rock stars, we want people to be part of our show, the stage is theirs!
And the last one. What is the best song to sing in the shower?

Anderson: Ha ha ha very nice question! Always CONSEQUENCE (Ulcerous Phlegm) and BONEYARD (Impetigo) to sing in the shower!

Greetings man! How are you doing? Are you all packed, and ready to go on this long journey?
Good mate, been working hard lately trying to save for the tour. We are very excited for this tour and can’t wait to meet Grinders from Europe.
Ryan, when did you first hear about O.E.F.? Also, what are your thoughts on the Australian version of Obscene Extreme? Have you ever had a chance to visit that fest?
Yes I am very familiar with OEF, I have noticed amazing lineups over the years but, I am yet to experience it for myself. It is a great honour to be able to play its 20th anniversary this year with both of my bands. OEF came to Australia many years ago but, I didn’t have the chance to go.
What are the future plans for Meth Leppard this year? I heard that you are preparing for an upcoming split with Deterioration, is that right?
Meth Leppard has 2 splits coming out, the Meth Leppard/Minimum Wage Assassins split is out in July (Wooaaargh) and the Deterioration split will be out later in the year on Bloody Scythe Records (USA)
That`s all for now. I`m stoked to meet you at the OEF. And please, show no mercy to the fans duirng your performance, will you?

Cheers! Thanks mate, and thanks for all your support, contributing to the Grindcore scene worldwide.

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