Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A perfect list of reasons why you should go DIY

Are you in a Grind,Powerviolence,Sludge,Mince or Gore band and looking for a label? Or, Are you simply just a fan on the hunt for new music and merchandise to add to your collection? Well then, we have an answer to your woes. Introducing a detailed list of some of the most top notch DIY Record Labels in Undergorund Extreme Music!


Absolute Contempt Records (USA)/ 

Absolute Power Records, Tapes and CDs (USA) 

Absurd Records (Brazil) / infos@absurd.com.br

Abusive Noise Tapes (Spain) 

Acid Redux Productions (USA)

Agromosh records (USA) 

Animate Records (Germany) / animate-records@web.de

Awesome Mosh Power Records (Japan)

Allyoudie Records (USA)

AxRxL (Germany) / alternative-record-label@web.de

Almorrana DIY Records (Spain)


Blastasfuk Grindcore (Australia) / thekill@aapt.net.au

Basement Record Store Bukit Bintang (Malaysia)/orderbasementrecords@gmail.com 

Behind The Mountain Rec. (Poland) / behindthemountainrecords@gmail.com

Back on Tracks Records (Brazil)

Bones Brigade records (France)

Blindead Productions (Sweden)

Bizarre Leprous Production (Czech Republic)

Booze Me Up rec (France)


Criminal Attack Records (Brazil) / criminal.attack@yahoo.com.br

Contra Boots (Brazil)

Craniophagus Parasiticus Records (Canada) / craniophagus.parasiticus@gmail.com

Circus Of The Macabre Records (UK) / circusofthemacabre@yahoo.co.uk

Cannabis Cult Records (USA)

Cemitério Records (Brazil) 

Chaotic Noise Productions (USA)


Drop Out Records  (Poland) / galon@dropoutrecords.org 

Death By Digital (Canada) / grindcorefilm@gmail.com

Death Crush Distro  (Italy) / deathcrush_distro@libero.it

DIY Kolo Records (Poland) / apzajac@wp.pl

Deep Six Records (USA)

Dickcrush Records (USA)

Deaf Death Husky (France) / deafdeathhusky@gmail.com

Don Carlos Productions (Italy)

Dead Heroes rec (Czech/UK) / deadheroes@centrum.cz

Drinkin' Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary)
Diseased Audio (USA)

Diablos Records (Mexico) 


Ecocentric Records (Germany)

Eyes Of The Dead Productions (Italy) / eodprods@gmail.com

Engendro Producciones (Costa Rica)

Extreme Terror Production (Netherlands) krytycznasytuacja@interia.pl

Extreme Noise Tape (Poland) / extremenoisetape@gmail.com

EveryDayHate (Poland) / everydayhate.store@gmail.com


Fermented Bile Vomit Productions (USA) 

FDA Records (Germany) / contact@fda-records.com

Food Waste Records (?)

Flowerviolence Records (Germany) / ralf@flowerviolence.de

FOAD Records (Italy) / pranda.foad@gmail.com

Fuck Yoga records (Macedonia) / neveranswerthephone@gmail.com


Grindfather prod (UK) / grindfather.prod@gmail.com

Grind Today rec (Indonesia)

Goatgrind Records (Switzerland ) / goatgrind@gmail.com

Grind Your Mind Records (Brazil) / grindyourmindrecords@gmail.com

Gusto Rana Production (Italy) / gustorana@gmail.com

Good Times Records (Australia)

Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (USA) / screamingjim@yahoo.com

Gore To Hell Production (Thailand) / Joeyunholy666@Gmail.com

Go Grind Records (Spain)

GarbageBondage Records (Russia) / www.garbagebondage@mail.ru
Grindscene Records (UK)

Grindhead Records (Australia) / grindheadrecords@hotmail.com
Grindpromotion Records (Italy) / grindpromotion@gmail.com


Hackebeil Records (Germany) / hackebeilrecords@gmx.de 

Headsplit Records (USA)

Humanicide Records (Spain)

Hotel Broslin (Australia) / hotelbroslinrecords@gmail.com

Holy Goat Records (Germany) / holygoatrecords@gmx.de

Hardcoretrooper Records (France) / mehdihctrooper@yahoo.fr 

Hecatombe Records (Spain) / hecatomberecords@gmail.com

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (USA)

Happy records (Indonesia) / lawan84@yahoo.com

Haunted Hotel recs (USA) / hauntedhotelrecs@yahoo.com

Here And Now recs (Italy) / stillburns_pdhc@hotmail.com


Infection distro/Fudgeworthy rec (USA) / mr.infection@gmail.com  

Insane Society records (Czech Republic ) / barvak@insanesociety.net

Imminent Destruction Records (UK) 

Ill Faith Records (USA) 

Into the Rave Corpsoration (Hungary) / itrc666@gmail.com

Inhuman Homicide Rec. (France) / inhumanhomicide@aol.com


Jerk Off Records (USA)


Kitchen Vomit (USA)

Knochentapes (Germany) 


Libertinus Records (Brazil) / libertinusrecords@gmail.com

Left Hand Patches (Germany) 

Lixiviat Records (France) / contact@lixiviatrecords.com

Living Dead Society (Spain) / unsane_crisis@hotmail.com

Legion Productions (USA)

Le Mort Records (Canada)

Loner Cult Records (Belgium) / niels_jennes@hotmail.com

Lymphatic Sexual Orgy Records (Mexico)

L'è Tütt Folklor Records DIY (Switzerland)


Meat 5000 Records (France) / meat.5000.records@gmail.com

Mono Caníbal (Spain) / monocanibalrecs@gmail.com

Morbid Reality Records (USA) / terrorgrind@yahoo.com

Mucupurulent Productions (Mexico)

Machismo Productions (Australia) / tomcallaghan1976@yahoo.com.au

Mad Lion (Poland) / info@madlion.eu

Miskatonik Records (Spain)


Nothing Left But Chunks (USA) 

Nuclear Abominations records (Italy) / info@nuclearabominations.com

Nailthecunt Records (CZ) / info[at]nailthecunt-records.com

No Name label (Ukraine) / nonamezine@mail.ru

Noise Not War Records (UK)

No Bread (Russia) / nobread@mail.ru

Nerve Altar (USA) / nervealtar@gmail.com

No Humano Records (Spain) / nohumanorecords@gmail.com

Night Animal Records (USA) 

Noise of hell records (Spain)/ noisehell@hotmail.com

Newborn Porn Prodz (?) 

Nuclear Alcoholocaust rec (France) / nuclear.alco@gmail.com


Obliteration Records (Japan) 

Obscene Productions (Czech

Outrageous Defecation records (Canada)

Omega Warfare Records (UK) / omegawarfarerecords@gmail.com 

Old Grindered Days Recs (Brazil) / filthygrinder@zipmail.com.br


Phobia Records (Czech) / mirek@phobiarecords.net

Playloud Records (Indonesia) 

Power it Up (Germany) / mailorder@power-it-up.de

Psychocontrol records (Czech) / order@psychocontrol.com



Rotte N Rollrex (Germany) / rottenrollrex@email.de 

Rotten N Rancid Records (Canada) / rotten.rancid.recs@gmail.com

RAPS Records (Indonesia) / rapsrecords@yahoo.com

Ratgirl Records (USA) 

Roedel Records (Germany) / roedelrecords@web.de

RSRec / Hate Ape Prod (Germany) 

Rottenpyosis Records (Taiwan)

Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records (UK)

Red Wine Rites Records (Switzerland) / redwinerites@hotmail.com

Rotten Foetus Records (Brazil) / info@rottenfoetus.com

Rat Mix Records (USA) / streetfeetstreetfeet@gmail.com

Rice Up rec (Italy) / riceuprecords@gmail.com

Rotova Porojnina Records (Ukraine) / rotovaporojnina@gmail.com

Rotten To The Core Records (USA) / info@rtcrecords.com

𝚁𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚊𝚕 𝙿𝚞𝚛𝚞𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎 (Mexico)


Scull Crasher rec (Greece) / scullcrasherdis@gmail.com

Sonoros Recs (Brazil)

Slow Death Records (Canada) / slowdeathgang@outlook.com

Sump Pump Records (USA) 

Sonic Bath Records and Recording (Canada) / sonicbathrecords@gmail.com

Smutdealer Records (USA) / dpledger8971@hotmail.com

Suicide Of A Species Records (USA) / SuicideOfASpecies@gmail.com

Sickos Records (Philippines) / sickos.records@gmail.com

Sulfuric Diarrhea Records (Canada) / arnaud_antichrist@live.ca

Sick Phoque Records (Belgium)

Sordid Bin Distribution (Canada)/ sordidbindistro@hotmail.com

Shattered Dreams Productions (USA)

Sengaja Records (Germany)

S.B.S. Records (USA) / antisepticmaxrock@gmail.com

Selfmadegod rec (Poland) 

Splatter Zombie Records (Germany) / info@splatterzombierecords.com

Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench (Greece) / saors_goregrind_onxs@yahoo.gr

Six Weeks Records (USA) / sixweeksrecords@comcast.net


Trashfuck Records (USA) 

Throatruiner Records (France) / throatruiner@gmail.com

Translation Loss Records (USA)

Thoracopagus Rec (Russia) 

Toilet Teeth Records (Sauth Africa

The Child With No Name (Poland) / thechildwithnoname@yahoo.com

Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records (Spain) / info@tupatutupa.org

Televised Suicide (Australia) 

Trismus Records (Ukraine) 

To Live A Lie Records (USA) 

Terrotten Records (Brazil) / terrotten@terrotten.com

Third Eye Grind Records (USA)


Uterus Productions (Germany) / team@uterus-productions.com

Unrest Records (Canada) / mail@unrestrecords.com

Uranium Overdose (Slovakia)


Verminous Recordings (?) / nematocyst_@hotmail.com

Viscera Records (Italy) / viscerarecords@libero.it

Vidasubterranea Records (Spain) / vidasubterranearecords@gmail.com

Vleesklak Records (Belgium) 

Virus Prods. (Brazil) 

Vulgar Records (Germany) 


Wooaaargh (Germany) / info[@]wooaaargh.com


XenemyX rec (USA) / oaklandxdiyx@gmail.com 



ZAS Autoproduzioni Records (Italy) / zasrec@libero.it

9Lies (Slovakia) / 9liesproduction@gmail.com

7Degrees Records (Germany)