Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pelkotila - Pelon Ilmapiiri

Finnish Crusters are back to us with apocalyptic melodies! I guess not many of you know this band, well today I will try to fix that. Here is a small historical intro. Pelkotila is crust band from Finland (they are based in gloomy Helsinki town). These guys started to reherse about 4 years ago. During all this time these guys have released a few 7” and played a lot of shows. And now the time has come and the guys finally released their first full length album “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. This album contains 9 songs, and they all emit a sticky and dark atmosphere. This album will immerse you in a gloomy, black place where you will feel oppression, melancholy and doom. I guess I started to feel these emotions when I saw the cover of “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. Maybe someone would call this art primitive, but personally I find this cover art pretty emotional. Broken glass, smoke and fire, dark figures… this is fucking dark end. Sakke Vinko (the artist) did a terrific job, I'm sure that he fully felt and conveyed the atmosphere of this album, which is very important (in my opinion of course). Obviously Pelkotila are newcomers, but I can't include them into the list with mainstream punk bands. I know that the guys are big fans of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise (I'm really feeling an influences from these bands in their music), but I like the fact that guys are trying to be not just stupid clones. I guess this album is not for everyone, you should be in right the mood to be able to feel that dark atmosphere in these tunes. Guys made a mane accent of these things. There are just tons of gloomy melodies and badass apocalyptical solos. But let's not forget about great rhythms and song structures. Also there is a lot of kick ass d-beat, bass pieces and fast crazy riffs. Classical yelling brings to this album some sort of oldschool spirit. Well in the end I only can say that if you are in love with dark crust, you definitely should check this album. Rating: 8.5/10 Pelkotila bc Pelkotila fb