Monday, December 5, 2016

Sandokhan / Krupskaya (7 Degrees Records)

I love when splits have completely different bands (different in their sound and style) it makes such releases more interesting and varied. Split LP Sandokhan / Krupskaya is a good example. From one side we get german simplicity and perseverance and on the other hand mad english sight on grindcore. In addition to the highlights in the stylistic diversity this split also good with its look. The cover reminds me those test pictures in psychologist office, where they show some blurred image ask thatwhat you see there. Silver painted logos look very neat and nice (I would even say that this is not typical for a grindcore release). I had to ask around a bit about Sandokan, because I haven't found any info about that band in the internet. It seems that someone from Keitzer band is playing there... And this band is a really good example a german metal grindcore. Great speed, nice sound and most importantly simplicity. Sandokhan like the old german tank, they are not ultrafast but that does not prevent them from destroying everything around. And even if there is nothing special for me in this band, I was very pleased to listen to their side of the split.
Well now we turn our plate to B side. Hm... if early Krupskaya`s material and it's certainly does not have such a concentrated musical madness as the latter stuff, but in those songs you can find many interesting things. The most important thing that there is an indispensable feature of those british namely chaotic and broken rhythms. But on this record guys play not only fast material, here you can dig some slow pieces sometimes they resemble bizarre and acid doom. Just listen “Contaminated Dead Atmosphere” and you will understand what I`m talking about.

Rating: Sandokhan - 7,5 Krupskaya - 7/10

You can buy this LP at 7 Degrees rec!