Monday, August 8, 2016

Agathocles / Cause Of Divorce

Split Agathocles / Cause Of Divorce looks like football match between Belgium and Germany. And now we will see who has the most robust team and who will score more goals. I dont even remember how many reviews for Agathocles I already made... every time it's more and more difficult for me to find words, hehehe, but I will try. So... It's relatively fresh material from the belgian bandits AG (it was recorded in 2014/15) and it's pretty good. But as for me I think that this material is pretty boring, those songs needs more punch. The sound is good, I heard some familiar (for me) guitar riffs but, god damn, it does not go like their oldstuff((( The most interesting for me was that intro. It`s a dialog from the coolest The NeverEnding Story movie and that was realy nice for me. The team Cause Of Divorce is a pretty old grindcore squad from Germany. I liked their side more. The sound here is little bit raw but whole material has much more live power than their belgian colleagues have. Cause Of Divorce are cleary in love with old death metal according to their tracks, but they dont overdose with it and it's very nice. By the way for this split guys used their mini album which was unreleased (if I remember correctly). Besides the main ingredients of grindcore (guitar riffs, song structure, blast beats etc) the vocals are really good, guys use 2 types of vocals and they are very complementary to this mockery of sound.
Rating: AG - 6.5/10 Cause Of Divorce - 7.5/10

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Labels which release this split: WooAAargh,, Grindfather Productions, Akaip mailorder, Vulgar Records