Sunday, October 1, 2017

Heinous / Radiation Vomit

Time after time we all need some place to hide from daily life. And, the music world is one of the best ways to escape from this ugly reality. Sometimes work, shit in your personal life and different responsibilities create too much pressure on you, then you want to scream and you want to break the face of every person you come across. Grind music can help you to deal with that and also it`s a really good way to relax and throw out all negative emotions and thoughts. So, today I want to share with you a good split which helps me avoid my mind and cheers me up a lot. Despite the gloomy art (which is pretty good, this creepy picture has so many details I really love it) this small tape contains so many angry grind/death tunes! So let’s start with my homies from Heinous...
Heinous is one of those bands which are influenced by old school gore and grindcore. So it's obvious that their riffs and sound are heavy and pretty raw. Most of their songs are like a teeter-totter, middle tempo changes to fast blasting parts (the raw blast beats are really destructive) and then return to middle rhythm. Guitar sound is very dense and heavy, same can be said about bass. Also I like the way these guys used that pitch shifter device, the low distorted and ugly roars make this recording more interesting. In the end I only can say that this band has really great potential.
Radiation Vomit are also my friends (very lazy guys by the way, hehe). This split is only their second record (in 3 years), during my listening of this material I found some noticeable changes. The whole sound and riffs are now strong with death metal taste. But of course these guys keep sticking to their own line and everything about this record reeks with the old school flavour. The chain saw guitar sound and the solos are so adorable. And I can’t avoid to write about these vocals, holy moly, guys roaring, screams and yelling like wild animals, haha! Their tracks – ‘Ulcer of Phantasm’ and ‘Motherhood, just knock the daylights out of me. Rating: 8.5/10 Radiation Vomit Heinous