Friday, June 22, 2018

Violation Wound / Ruin (Fudgeworthy Records)

I want to start this review off with a warning. This album is not for those of you who hope to find sweet and lovely pop punk tunes or something to cheer your damn ass up. This split is loaded up with very heavy crushing power. Also I should mention that this split is really unholy, starting with the music and ending with this nice cover art.
The green vinyl looks so badass in this black sleeve. That is what I call a robust cover that perfectly fits the noise. All these dead guys look so dark and spooky, main character is pierced with upside down cross… Terrifying image, the artist really catched the whole idea and spirit, and I respect that.
This massive split starts with attack of Violation Wound. In my opinion this band stands out with their approach that they used in their music. Guys are mixing old school punk with moldy death metal and with a lethal end result. Great guitar riffs, powerful vocal section. Bass has a nice loud tune, and the punky drums fit perfectly to everything above. All 4 songs contains a ton of swing, clockwork energy.
Now the second half comes in with old headhunters from Ruin. “Putrid Is My Brain” is the only track here and it's ridiculously heavy. This is really unholy sound of hell, haha! The whole sound is a bit raw and the tune is dangerously low… Savage sound of the bass is the main here, next is ugly roaring and buzzing guitars. The drums are the last on the line, but that does not mean they sound weak or anything like that. This death metal is really scary, slow and grinding. Also, I've felt a good stench of sludge and doom metal. This “music” has the effect of an asphalt compactor to roll you out, breaking the bones and crushing the flesh.
This is a real death metal split, and I'm freaking happy to have it in my collection!

Rating: 8.5/10        Violation Wound fb         Ruind bc
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