Thursday, June 21, 2018

Split VHS / Abhorrent Funeral will be out later this year!

Split tape Haggus / Posthumous Regurgitation!

This nasty tape will be released soon by Fuck Your Life rec

Maryland Deathfest!

First full length of Heinous will be called "The Basement"!!!

More info soon, stay tuned!

Debut release from Spikerot Records!

The "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh" will be out very soon in vinyl format! More details at

Power It Up (21.06.18)

Hello Tom and Fabio! How are you guys? You're probably busy preparing packages for shipping, am I right?)
Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. This is where the preparations for the festival season begin. We are also busy finishing our upcoming releases.
I'm very interested in the story of Power it Up, please tell us how it all started ...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

KickxAssxViolence - Broviolence (Rotten N Rancid Records)

Sorry guys but, this review will be a bit short. Why you ask? Because these Canadian lumberjacks have crushed my mind with their noise and I see no need to write too many words about all my feelings. You should check this tape for yourself. Well the design is cheesy, all this masked Mince boys has become pretty boring nowadays. Also logo cearly designed designed around the Terrorizer style. That does not surprised me… but the main trick is hidden in the music! KickxAssxViolence as a trio managed to create a very strong mix between Grindcore, Mince, Powerviolence and Crust. That delicioua mess will weigh heavy on your ears. I was really surprised about the balance in the songs. Swing and catchy Mince riffs, powerful energy of Grindcore, goofy D-beat, and a drop of Violence. Everything above is wrapped in a solid, powerful sound. So this tape has really kicked my ass, thats how I feel haha! If you like good noise, just check “Broviolence” I bet you will like it! Rating: 8.5/10 KickxAss bc KickxAss fb

Grab a copy at

The Grindcore Family Weekend!

First look at GIMP / Gun Slaughter split 7"!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

L.UL.U - We're about to throw up! (Here And Now Records)

We have here 5 minutes of young and energetic Fastcore/Powerviolence from Milan. These guys just started, but they already have a tour with Double Me, and also they`ve recorded this small and lovely tape. This sound is short but it's enough for a debut release and that is also enough to understand L.UL.U. Everything starts with the song “Wait in Vain”. I must admit this is a good punch, this track is full of nice energy. Same could be said about the other 6 songs. Mostly these guys are using pv base (fast/slow tempos) in their song, this is the usual formula, not unique but it works and that is the important part. I also wish to highlight the atmospheric slow intro in "Barrio", that melody sounds very nice and gloomy. Our trio managed to create good juicy sound, guitar is not dry, it has a pleasant buzzing vibration. Maybe the vocals are not too powerful, but this yelling perfectly fits to this noise. Punky drums are good too, especially in groovy parts. Btw, this tape is very cute. Cassette has a lovely pink color and the whole design is so simple and looks really nice. So I can honestly say that “We're about to throw up!” is a very good start for this band. But let's not jump the gun time will show us everything. Rating: 7.5/10 LULU bc LULU fb

If you want to order this tape, you can do that thru Here And Now Recs

News from Grindfather prod!

Split 7" Cruel Face / Guro will be out later this year!

Su19b - Neutralize vinyl version!

More info at RSRec / Hate Ape Prod

Galvanizer - Sanguine Vigil LP!

From the swamping lands of Finland death/grind trio Galvanizer emerges with their debut album “Sanguine Vigil” after having paid all their dues with several tapes and a 7″ EP like we were used back in the 90s.
Galvanizer have quickly become one of the most promising underground acts around, their old school approach perfectly combines with their youthful energy and their sound will perfectly please both fans of old school Finnish death metal and modern deathgrind sounds.
You can order a copy at

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu split tape!

MFC (Made For Chaos) from Brazil blast through 9 death/grindcore and noisecore
songs recorded in 2006/2015. Harsh Supplement (Canada) are back with
old-school noisecore and a three piece line-up recorded in 2017. New
York Against the Belzebu (Brazil) destroy with rehearsal songs
recorded in 2002 self-described as Instrumental Crustgrindnoise!!
Nearly 45 minutes of noisecore/grindcore Insanity!! 100 copies on pro
tape. Full color covers. On Supplemental Records. E-Mail:

New album from Head Brain Blockade!

The "Destruction of Principle of Life" will be out soon at No Bread rec.