Friday, February 17, 2017

Reissue of Anatomical Inferno is ready!

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Disfare - Self​-​Titled (Abusive Noise Tapes)

In the last few years, the Asian grind scene has really grown. I'm getting more and more emails from there and I hear from new bands all the time (of course, don’t forget to check the old ones). Eventually this tape with the latest Disfare’s recordings fell into my hands. The first thing I noticed is that this tape doesn’t have a gorgeous or spectacular design, but these Indonesian guys show high musical skills. I can really feel that these guys gave their best. Their metal grindcore is very strong and feels like a sledgehammer. I was pleasantly surprised by the good sound quality; you can clearly hear every instrument, but with no plastic sound effect. Something tells me that these Jakarta residents are very fond of the Nasum and Wormrot oeuvre (their influence is obvious). To sum it up: crisp guitar riffs like a blade on the sawmill, a rhythm section hammering the listener like a jackhammer, and vocals that will blow away all what’s left of your remains.

And here some bonus info. This cassette was released in an edition of 50 pieces (so don’t sleep, because than it will be too late) and contains 9 destructive (like jet-propelled projectile) songs. 

Rating: 8/10     Disfare fb    Disfare bc 

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4 Ways to Grind (Libertinus Records)

Brazilians are very friendly people. This split especially, shows the tightness of their fraternal ties. These four Brazilian bands came together to honor the memory of their dead brother Antonio Ambrozio and I’d like to take the chance to join them with the memory, rest in peace my friend...
Four crazy bands must be packed in a suitable packaging. Well, I must say that this artwork was executed very skillfully. The artist made his best and realistically conveyed the madness which destroys a person from the inside. But let’s move from the visual part, it`s time to check the music out. The Cachorroda Duença plays first. Hmm, this stuff has a good and steady sound pressure... in their grindcore they interweave a good dose of old good and smelly death metal. The whole sound is a little bit raw. In fact, all the instruments and even the vocals remind me of the atmosphere of the ‘90s that will surely please fans of the old ways. Up next, 6 tracks by the Baga collective. Here we can hear a much more modern sound and the whole material is more aggressive too. The songs are fast and sharp. The rhythms, however, are not so smooth, but still very angry... It`s obvious that these guys belong more to the new grindcore wave. Next is Nosso Ódio Irá Atacar. These guys are pretty noisy but their music is pleasant to me. It’s good old school death metal with additions of vicious grindcore. Mid-tempo rhythms are dominating and they will press the listener with their weight. At the end of their part they also play a cover of Extreme Noise Terror. Last but not least comes Plague Rages. Oh... what a fury! What's going on with this singer?! It seems like he’s about to spit his own guts out :) Besides the crazy vocals, I enjoy the nice buzzing guitar and the strong rhythm section. Like in the older times, Plague Rages do not deviate from their course; like in the older times, they are still playing oldschool grindcore (many love them for that). There’s also a small bonus track hidden at the end, but I won’t tell you about it. Discover it yourself! :)

Rating: 8/10

Split Massgrav/Overviolence is out!

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Gangrene "Chapters Of Decay" EP out now!

Twelve songs of crusty goregrind from Cavite, Philippines! The CD comes in a clear slim jewel case with a hand numbered autopsy form placed in a biohazard specimen bag to contain the sickness! Make your order HERE! 

News from Shackles camp!

Australian bombers from Shackles are preparing a new album! You already can check first track HERE! 

Split Haggus / Fentanyl Surprise will be out soon at Fuck Your Life rec!

Violation Wound /Ruin!

Out now! Sedem Minut Strachu - Sedem Minut Samurai EP! Out now!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sooon at Power it Up!

Cystoblastosis \ Deterioration!

Split CD Łeb Prosiaka / Nuclear Holocaust out now at Fat Ass Records

New shirts from Perpetual!

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Blight Worms / Slave Birth! This split will be out soon!

Sweet news from Grindfather prod!

Gangrene Discharge shirts!