Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out now! Noxious Threat / Agathocles! out now!

Haggus "Mince that fucker"!!!

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Medication Time – Demo

Medication Time is a result of long friendship between few good old friends. This project is mostly remote and not very active but anyway their debut demo work is great, so it`s one of the main reason why I write this review. This pretty shiny tape contains 10 fast and aggressive songs. Cover art was made by Jan Obluda (that guy made a lot of drawings for Slovakian underground, he is local art hero :)).

It`s only 10 minutes of the sound but those guys made it with all what they have. I mean this record is full of crashing riffs and good speed. This mix of grindcore and powerviolence sounds like big horrible blast at the mine. First of all I want to highlight the manner of the singer, the way how he's yelling and screaming reminds me of Czech fastcore scene. That buzzing guitar sound is damn good. Riffs sound like chainsaw which cuts big piece of rock. Also it was really nice to hear that dialog about religion... and other things. It seems that the drummer is beating on an empty bucket and not on snare drum ahaha, that shit sounds pretty nice). Medication Time don't use funny stories in their songs, they don't sing about shit and porn, these guys talking about serious social themes… The whole sound is not so brilliant but it is steel robust and powerful. While listening to this noise I feel great from hardcore punk side and this is good because music like this must have some nasty punk smell.

Rating: 7.5/10 Medication Time bc

Split tape Oniku/Lacunar Infaction out now at Ill Faith Records!

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Harsh attack from outer space!

Psudoku - Planetarisk Sudoku CD
Psudoku - Deep Space Psudokument CD
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some news from Rotten Roll Rex!

Split Suppression/Reeking Cross is process!

Split Cystoblastosis/Haggus!

Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)

What a cute, orange diy tape, my hands haven't held such a thing for a long time. In addition to it's beautiful design, this item contains a good piece of moldic mincecore / grindcore. This release consists exclusively of representatives of the Finnish scene. By the way, for Arroyo this split is final as they decided to split up. It is worth saying that the recording on this cassette is very noisy, but I'll try to describe the sounds I could hear there. Anyway, our story begins with Arroyo... despite all that mold and filth on the record, their songs sink deep into the mind (I think it's because of their simplicity, hilarity and cheerfulness). Moderate tempo dominates here, but occasionally I just really want to drink my beer in one gulp and rush to dance, ahah). Even the dampness of this record can not hide the cheerful spirit that Arroyo give. There are many typical (as for the followers of Agathocles) rhythmic drawings and guitar riffs (it gives little flashbacks when listen to it). But the presence of two different vocals on the contrary – pleases. We turning up to the next page. The Rust band does not play the typical mincecore (as far as the term “typical” for this genre can be applied)... Aggressive speed dominates in the works of these guys. Their songs are perfectly pumped, you will not remain indifferent while listening to the rumblings of this avalanche, these ragged buzzing guitars, the machine-gun blast bits, like a wave, it drives you crazy, ahah! And the dampness of the sound here is like a mold on cheese, it adds a taste to this material.

Rating: Rust - 8/10 Arroyo - 7,5/10

You can buy this tape at B.O.G. records!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu/Noise Brutalizer/Adolf Shitter!

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Sheevayoga & Dog Eggs!


An idea of doing the split wax began in summer 2014, after a common gig in Leeds during the Sheevayoga UK tour. Two years of preparing and it's finally over - both music material and design has been done. Sheevayoga & Dog Eggs would like to world-widely reach out underground D.I.Y. labels which are strongly into fastcore stuff !! 

If you reckon this is something which could attract you please get in touch with us or go straight up to Skulda (Sheevayoga):

Nakay & Deterioration on tour!

Split Durian / Meth Leppard is out!

You can buy this record directly thru the bands or at Agromosh Records!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

В суботу 22 квітня пройшов 6-й концертний грайнд вогник під вивіскою "GRIND За**ісь PARTY". Почалося все з невеличкої затримки, яка дала змогу "заправитися" фанатам на вулиці та досхочу поспілкуватися між собою. Приємно було бачити стільки знайомих облич, та гуртів під одним дахом. 
Почувши скрипучі звуки саундчеку, я зайшов в середину. Відповідальна місія відкривати цей концерт випала запорізьким хлопцям Hinnom Vultures. Налаштувавшись, хлопці вдарили першими звуками по вухам небагаточисленної публіки. Чув цей гурт вперше, нічого не очікував, але чесно-кажучи лишилися позитивні враження. Хлопці видали хорошу суміш хардкор красту, приправлену ледь помітною мелодичністю. 
Публіка була вже достатньо розігріта і наступними на сцену вийшли місцеві панки Diversion. Сирувато, але дуже агресивно... Сиро, брудно та агресивно, так можна описати те що лилося з колонок. Панк братство відривалося щодуху... Приємно було бачити народ з ірокезами серед натовпу фанатів, які прийшли підтримати цей гурт. На мою думку це додало різноманіття в суворий грайнд гіг.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Today I will talk about double grind/crust attack from Sweden. Both bands are not well known but both are truly good. I don’t know who drew this cover but I'm sure that the artist was inspired by the old fantastic B movie genre. Post-apocalyptic gloomy view, strange people with guns, pillars of smoke and old machinery... this art looks really nice. But music here is key so let's put this CD into player and check out what both bands have prepared for us. 
Without any warnings and without the chances of escape this grindcore will crash your bones and flesh. Resonance Cascade show no mercy, they act fast and harsh. God damn, this is heavy. Blasting parts are not the only thing this ruthless madness has; this material contains nice melodies (which makes this record even better). Resonance Cascade use a very simple recipe - they mix ferocity, speed and good sound (and I want to admit they do it very good and skillfully). But what I like the most here is a clanking and ringing sound of bass guitar (it`s a perfect weapon for crashing your brain and hearing). Also I want to shake the drummer's hand. His mad blast beats can destroy everything! 
Guys from Järnbörd are second on this split. Pretty new name for me. Raw d-beat/grindcore they play can easily make your ears suffer. Fast drum beats meet buzzing guitar riffs. All these songs have dark and sticky atmosphere, and a nice crunchy bass sound. There is a lot of punk spirit here but it is no silly fun - all songs contain serious themes. What should I say in the end? This d-beat/grind machine can smash everything that comes your way. 

Rating: Resonance Cascade - 8/10 Järnbörd - 7.5/10 

split Stheno / Facada is out!

You can buy this Cd directly thru the bands or at: D.I.Y Koło records (PL) / Scull crasher records (GR) / Drunk with power records (GR) / Laja records (BZL)

Restricted Rights / Skunk

I want to dedicate this review to my good friends from both bands Skunk and Restricted Rights. This split is full of dirty noises, good swing rhythms and filled with serious social life themes... At the very first look this split seems to be super deep and cruel, the innocent victim topic is very close to me... War, suffering, death, dead children, hunger... The artist did a great job. This picture looks very detailed and the longer you look at it the more you can see. First three songs are from Restricted Rights. It`s a pretty dirty and angry crust punk featuring the member of Dehumanized Earth (if I remember it right). Guys attack with 2 songs of their own and one cover on Malignant Tumour. As I’ve already said they play muddy sound with good power. Their first song is about animals, terrible experiments on them, and their rights. The second one is a cover on "Commands From The Oval Throne". And the third song is about War... It sounds like this raw record was made in someone's basement but somehow these songs are so alive. Powerful bass sound, nice drum work and smeared guitar with a drop of screams and roars. This pile of raw noise sounds very cheerful… The next attack is coming from Skunk. So, our stinky trio released 3 songs for this vinyl as well. Despite the fact that their grind d-beat is rather cheerful, the songs are very serious, almost all of them are dedicated to war. These 3 songs are like powerful bombs that are falling on your heads... energy from that noise will charge you and brings you back to life after horrible hangover. The guitar riffs swing you and then smash you against the wall... with distorted roaring and painful drumbeats, this nuclear noise will crush you down. Skunk have some members from Flash Out and Archagathus and this is enough, I mean you can feel the influence of those bands in Skunk noise (but it`s definitely okay). 

Rating: RR 7.5/10 Skunk: 8.5/10

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Friday, April 21, 2017

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fresh attack from Grindfather prod!

Proteststorm – Tidens Malande Tänder (Insane Society)

Here is something interesting for me and (I guess this will be interesting) for fans of old hardcore punk. This release is like some kind of flashback in 80th (in era of old aggressive and raw times of Mob 47, Discharge etc). Proteststorm rules only by 2 members: Kristofer Jankarls (Livet som Insats, Infanticide) and Anders Jakobson (Axis Of Despair, Nasum). I`m quite sure that these guys grew up on that kind of music and this is their tribute to these old times and bands.

Hard to understand meaning of this cover art, these builders and teeth. Translator prompted me that a name of this EP means something like a "Future Grinding Teeth"... Anyway we have here 10 pretty fast, evil songs. Songs with aggression, with a little bit raw sound... this record can easy turn up your mood. Songs are simple-structured, fast drum beat (But knowing Anders this is not the speed for him, hehehe :)) with good yelling vocals. Kris made a nice ugly guitar riffs, their sound are dirty and contains so much drive. Good old punk spirit just overloads this small vinyl... I guess many of you can miss this EP in the heap of new releases but I recommend you to find some time for "Tidens Malande Tänder" because this screaming stuff will stuck in your heart.

Rating: 8/10   Proteststorm bc

Insane Society

News from Alternative Record Label!

Extiercol Extreme fest!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Agathocles / G.O.D.

I believe that idea of this split was born when the Agathocles visited Canada (and had a gig with GOD of course). So here we are, 1000 copies on nice 4-panel Digipak with folded single sided insert for Agathocles in the right pocket. Cover art for this Cd was made by Polish artist. What can I say...I really love the way he mixed the most famous covers of both bands. The Maciej Kamuda did a great job again! This monkey and monsters from the "Thing" looks so badass! Bravo! Both sides of this split are live records. AG brought something from their old stuff (these songs were recorded on 29th of March 2014 in Geel, Belgium) and G.O.D. part was recorded at The Spill in Peterborough on January 16 2016. Hm... everything's fine but I guess it would have beeen much better to record both bands at one gig (but anyway, we have what we have). This CD starts with Agathocles side. A little bit dirty but so good, these noise sounds are so great. 13 songs are full of ferocity and nihilism. You will be able to listen to some old hits and more or less new songs as well. Raw and angry yelling, noisy guitar and bass sounds, and of course beats from sir Nils. That's what awaits us on this split. Oh, I almost forgot, at that live set, guys played two covers on Lärm and Kuolema.
So, Grotesque Organ Defilement is coming up next. This band is really unique. The way they mix grindcore and gore is so goooooood. Pitshifted and crazy clear screams, nasty and filthy guitar, this all makes me feel wonderful. But, in my opinion, this band stands out thanks to their drummer. That guy has a pretty unusual drumming style, and this is the first thing you`ll notice when listening to GOD songs.

Rating: 8/10

Folks you can buy this CD at Canada thru Death By Digital ‎or in Great Britain thru Grindfather Productions