Saturday, August 18, 2018

Oxidised Razor - Mors Vehementi

This year the old grinders from Oxidised Razor are celebrating their 20th anniversary. I must say that is big date, I believe that's why they did a very big Euro tour (it was a real pleasure to hang out with theme at OEF). Also this year they have released a new album. Mors Vehementi is the 5th full length album from these bloody Mexicans and it is dedicated (of course😉) to their favorite themes: blood, rotten remains, violence and serial killers.
To be honest this cover art didn't work for me, it looks cheesy and disgusting, not much else. But the artist drew the whole band as zombies (you will find that image inside the booklet) and that looks very massive.  I like that there is a quote Jeffrey Dahmer, that make this design a bit spicier and interesting.

Before diving into the music and gore, it’s important to note the minor change in the lineup. Now Oxidised Razor have a new vocalist and bass player. So the major difference is in the vocals, now it sounds more classical, more low, there are no high gurgles anymore. As for the instrumental part it is the same old Oxidised Razor. Goofy and punky drums, crusty bass sound and chainsaw guitar. On this album I noticed a lot nice hardcore punk moments, twisting and groovy they are the main energy of this album (in my opinion). Sometimes I had the feeling that the guys were improvising to be quite honest. Sorry to say but, I can’t say that I`ve found a lot of catchy and memorable songs… I know that these amigos could do better.

Rating: 7/10     Oxidised Razor fb

Debut ep from Mörkt is out!

Blackened crust from Spain! You can listen all songs HERE!

Official merch from Self Deconstruction!

New shirts from Tunkio are ready!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Burdizzo – Acoustic Neuroma

Experimental Grinders Burdizzo from Toronto, Canada are a 4 Piece of ferocious proportions. Their debut release Acoustic Neuroma is a simple package from the outside with what is clearly an image from a CT scan as the cover art. But enough about that, once you put this disc in your CD player it all shifts directions. Mixing technicality, speed and ear splintering vocals make for one potent cocktail that is hard to put down. The album opens with what is clearly meant to be a joke poking fun at people who act like musicians are some kind of god when they meet them in person. But, from here on out its relentless buzz saw riffs, inhuman vocals and chest crushing blast beats. Each song seems to hit harder than the last, with little to no sign of remorse. From the opening song Mistress right down to Inauspicious, you can feel the raw emotion pouring out through the music. Each song makes short work of you as its victim, with only 1 song breaking the 2 minute mark. Let’s take some time to really talk about them so you kind of get an understanding of what to expect going in. Mistress is a beast concocted out of blastbeats, riffs and monstrous vocals that reminds me of an out of control locomotive. Beholden is a Sludgy mass of primal fury that creeps in and takes hold of you, slowly draining your will to live.  And let’s not forget the humorously named Jesus Christ, Keep Going which turns out is another goofy recording of the guys in the band having a good time in the studio. Very reminiscent of the opening to the album. Overall Acoustic Neuroma is a hidden gem among the absolute treasure trove that is Canadian Grind, definitely take the time to give Burdizzo a listen.

Rating: 7/10     Burdizzo bc      Burdizzo fb


Heinous - The Basement!

Gonorrhea Pussy!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Grid - Human Collapse Syndrome

Here we are now, two years later, with new noise from Grid. Human Collapse Syndrome is the second attack from these Swedish commandos, and I found some very good changes in it… I must say this work sounds more mature. Yes, there is only 10 minutes, but I enjoyed them lot. I think that these guys have found their sound and speed; it's heavy and deep with a light touch of modernity.

The mini-gun sounding guitar shoots very tight riffs, and literally annihilate everything with fast buzzing tunes. Skull thumping drums could crash the rock; I like how this snare sounds. And, of course, these blast beats are good, I like that they didn't clutter everything, as they are somewhere on the same line with the guitar. A nice distorted bass is there too, just go and check out the two last songs “Fooled” and “Out Of Air”. Pleasant screams and roars are cover everything above and holy moly this type of vocal is a perfect fit to this grinding madness. I can hear a lot influences from Nasum (I bet this is an iconic band to them). I found similar riffs there and there, but anyway this recording session is damn catchy.

After all that crazy rush you may think that this noise were created by group of skilled musicians? Yes they're pretty skilled but there is only two guys! Grid is just a duo, and I think these airheads have a big future.
Rating: 8,5/10 Grid bc Grid fb

Split Agathocles / H.407!

Special vinyl re-issue of this split will be released soon by: Extreme Terror Production,  Alternative Record Label, Grindfather prod and N.I.C. Records

New shirts from Neuro-visceral Exhumation!

Split Chikara / Mucus is in the work!

Arschcholio Festival!!!

Ejaculation Generater / Sete Star Sept

If I remember correctly, I received this tape from United Arab Emirates, and that surprised me a lot. I put this tape in my box for reviews and somehow it opened on the bottom of it, so I'm only just finding it now(my bad). It's necessary to mention that this is pretty harsh split, so you should expect the appropriate sound, chaotic structures, and blood pouring from your ears.

I will go in order and start with Los Angeles band Ejaculation Generater. I tried to listen to their noise few times, but I didn't find anything interesting for me. This is a pretty messy harsh noise gob with extremely hysterical vocals and sound distortion. But in the end of this torture they put funny and dirty punk rock song, and that cheers me up. For me, that cheesy punk attack was best moment at this tape.

This time, Japan legends Sete Star Sept disappointed me. Okay - this noise is still chaotic as fuck, but somehow I find it blank. I only heard a few good catchy moment here. The painful wall of distorted bass sound and loud drumming is here, but almost every song sound like the previous song and that is no good. Anyway, when you have so many records, it's normal that some of than are not brilliant…
Rating: 5/10 Ejaculation Generater Sete Star Sept 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fresh Cd from Noise Brutalizer!

Wolfbrigade is going to South America!

Gormukilliodokus - Come Back Lucifer

Did you know that silent New Zealand can give birth to something really scary and nasty? No? Same with me, haha! I was surprised when I heard Gormukilliodokus the first time. Their work “Come Back Lucifer” nailed me down with its low and bulldozing sound. The visual part of this CD has magnificent and classic zombie art and the music has a dead suffocating atmosphere (sometimes it's really hard to listen to some songs to the end). The whole album sounds like an old diesel engine for an industrial meat grinder. It's very loud, dirty, thunderous and it splashes pieces of flesh and liquid around. Sounds like the story behind some old horror movie doesn’t it? Well this noise is very similar, and besides that it has a lot of samples from famous scary films. This Deathgrind has a very low and raw tone, sounds like the ground is trembling and the dead are returning to life. The guitar work is huge, but a bit messy.... heavy as hell riffs over furious and moldy drums, that shit rips. Fierce growls are the spice of everything, it sounds like the vocalist is trying to growl and vomit at the same time. I can't clearly hear the bass, I can feel it, haha, that thing is so powerful! This is very monolithic album, it's very heavy, not so fast, but it could kill. I guarantee you that Come Back Lucifer is not a waste of your time. Rating: 8/10 Gormukilliodokkus bc Gormukilliodokkus fb