Monday, December 10, 2018

Teething "The Night we regret" tapes are ready!

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Great gig in LA!

Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Gorenoise is definitely not a place for cowards. The split I'm about to review will explain why. We have here two very nasty and heavy projects. Cystgurgle (Thailand) and Vomitoma (USA) have prepared for you a ton of filthy and harsh material. The sounds of sonic vomit will smash and melt you down, but on the other hand this tape is full of fun! I want start with the first name on this split, the duo Cystgurgle. My aquaintance with this act started with their 7” Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo, I was really surprised with their massive and dirty sound and monstrous bass guitar sound. However, this material is something different. The whole concept is more borderline Gorenoise, everything is very dirty and noisy. Bass riffs have turned in some kind of mess, so its function more like background sound. The main thing that you will hear (and what will damage your hearing) is the snare sound. It's ridiculously loud and has high ringing sound. Second thing is the vocals, distorted and horrible these vocals are the audible variant of vomit stench. I must say I really dig this new Cystgurgle. The second band is a legendary one man machine, Vomitoma. Raw, liquid,putrid sound that slowly begins eating you… That's how I can describe this shit, ha! God damn, these pitch shifted vocals sound really loud and dreadful (btw, that is a mainstay here). I like the bass too, I can almost recognize some of the riffs. Here's one small but, very worthwhile addition. Live drums that were recorded by Adrian (Putrefuck). The blastbeats are a bit punky and goofy but they combine very well with the vocals. Only the last song has super annoying drum-machine that drills your head like crazy. That track was really the last nail in the coffin of cowards, haha! Rating: 8/10

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

If I remember it right, this split should have been out at least two years ago, but due to some circumstance, this release was delayed. This CD unites 3 bands from the 3 biggest countries of our cursed planet. So welcome Nauseate - India, Camphora Monobromata - Russia, and Archagathus - Canada. As you may notice this is very Punk stuff. The cover is done in an old crusty style (black and white colors are the mainstay here, each band recorded their stuff on their own, this split oozes diy spirit what else can I say? Nauseate is the lucky band to open this mad pit. Their Grind is raw and nasty, in just the right way. Which is cool, because their first release was too messy and awful. This music has many primitive Grind/Mince elements like a moderate tempo, simple and catchy structure, dirty guitar sound and goofy vocals. You won't find anything new in this material, but on the other hand these songs are not too bad. I must admit these guys have matured, they are growing as a band and that is good. Second shot - Camphora Monobromata comes in with a nice rehearsal recording. They have prepared 6 muddy tracks for this CD (and yes, it is old stuff that was recorded 3 years ago). Generally this material is cool, but the sound is too poor and raw (in my opinion), even so I felt real aggression and power through this mud. Camphora Monobromata managed to create catchy hyper-degenerated punky rhythms that could cheer your sad ass up. We have 7 Mincing tracks from the Canadian powerhouse to close out the split. Their anger comes forward straight away; the production is tight and the sound is good. Archagathus sticks to their usual formula, there are no surprises, just old and nasty riffs which will cut your head off, haha! This material is charged with a ferocious energy and it could bite. Buzzing guitar is here, the tone is right so it sounds really great. Drums are pleasantly raw and pitch shifted growling is loud. So what else do you need for a good party? Rating: 7.5/10 Nauseate Camphora Monobromata Archagathus

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New shirts from Daggra!

Texas grinders Daggra just printed a bunch of great shirts! You will find more info at their official fb page.

Anthropic - Tatanka

Today brings us a CD from 4 piece death grind band Anthropic. This crew has been around for a few years playing live shows, but this is their first release that isn't a demo. Let's see how these Buffalo, NY natives did for their first release!
The artwork for the CD is pretty simplistic - like it's namesake Tatanka (meaning buffalo in the Sioux language), the cover is graced with a rotting buffalo. I think it's kind of funny that these guys are from Buffalo and named the release "buffalo" in another language, but other than that, I'm not really seeing the relevance to the rest of the piece. Since there's not much to explore as far as the art or packaging goes, let's get right into the music.
Anthropic claims in their profile to be influced by 80's grindcore, crust punk, and death metal. This is pretty apparent right from the start - there's definitely a lot of influence from some of the old school bands like Repulsion, as well as influence from old school death metal bands in terms of song structure. I'm kind of failing to find the crust punk influence, however. In any case, it definitely sounds like a grind band, though the production could have used a little work in my opinion. The bass is completely lost, the guitars are pretty muddy, and the only the snare and cymbals are really present in the drum mix. The vocals are a little loud for my taste too. When I think of old school grind, I REALLY want to hear that grinding bass tone, but unfortunately it's lacking here. As far as the songs themselves go, most of them are extremely similar to one another (even for grind) and because of that, this record can get stale really quickly. There's definitely a few times where these songs can get a little sloppy, with some tempo drifting and the guitar and drums kind of losing sync. For my tastes, this kind of music needs to be tight, and I'm not so sure that was well executed.
If we're going to be honest, this is a pretty bog standard release that doesn't do a whole lot for me. I found myself pretty bored towards the end, and I'm not sure I'd give this another spin. It's not that it's bad, it's just a bit uninspired and generic.
Rating: 5/10 Anthropic bc Anthropic fb

Review by Nick Vecellio

Split 7" Tonnie Anders / Agathocles will be out soon!

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Consumed in Gore will re-release an iconic album from Gore band!

Tape version of Deterioration / Meth Leppard will be out very soon at Abusive Noise Tapes!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tomb Warden - Reflection of the Mistake

I'm not going to lie - typically when a band is labeled as "deathgrind", my initial reaction is usually "ehhhhhh". I find it's usually a poor attempt to gain crossover appeal and usually just winds up being overly simplistic death metal at it's core. Big meh. But, sometimes, a band like Tomb Warden comes around and totally proves me wrong. They definitely do deathgrind properly - the grind parts are grind, and the death parts are death, and they're stitched together in a groovy way that feels thought out and complete.

Let's start with the record itself - this 7" comes in a single fold jacket with some gritty looking cover art. There's a lot of detail to the art, and I think it fits the record that's inside of it. I'm just hoping that the look on the guys face isn't from taking a swig out of that beer bottle with a cigarette butt in it, haha!

So how does this three piece from Virginia actually sound? Right out of the gate - the first track "Eroded" starts with a ripping death metal riff into a blast and keeps up the energy from there. While that track slows down a little towards the end - we pick right back up into the grind with the next track,"Reality Plague". This is definitely a grindcore track; it's a pounding blast beat into a groove that leads us into the last track on the first side, "Bronze Bull". This song is a total knuckle dragger - I can definitely see myself lurching across a pit slamming people to this. The second side of this EP doesn't slow down either; here again, we have grind parts mixed with death metal parts, all weaved together into a putrid mess of brutality. The sound of this EP is on point; the blasts definitely kick you in the teeth and are present in the mix, and they play well with the high gain guitar tone. I love the bass sound as well - it has that very traditional grinding tone to it, and it really pulls everything together. The cavernous sounding low growls are great, and right up front like they should be. All in all, a very good sounding record that has a certain amount of rawness present within its polish.

I'm excited to see what this band does next. Rumor has it that they're going on tour in 2019, and I'm hoping that also means a new release to get my hands on. These guys definitely have their own brand of deathgrind brutatlity, and it's done right. I've listened to this EP a bunch already, and I'll go back to it in the future for sure.

Rating: 8/10 Tomb Warden bc Tomb Warden fb

Review by Nick Vecellio

Split Schismopathic /Antigama will be out soon at Selfmadegod Records!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

First look at Skullxpiercer/ Corrodent/ Nihilistic Grave Cruster split tape!

News from 5OR3 Records!

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Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Do you remember Romeros movies? Do you remember how the dead came back to life? Sometimes it happens with old bands. Moldy Grind bastards Psychoneurosis are here again! This Polish squad is legendary, and it`s nice to see them alive. For the reunion split release they picked up Agathocles, well known noise terrorists from Belgium. All this noise was released under Selfmadegod records in CD format. I must say the result is very pleasant. 2 pieces of cover art (you can switch them to your own taste), band photos, lyrics and more. But in total we have here only 12 songs, that's not much but this split is really rad. After a screaming intro, Agathocles starts their attack. That's what I call real Mincecore! I want to highlight the sound of this recording session. Also I noted 1 small lovely change in these songs. Jan used a pitch shifter! Just a bit, but it helps to refresh the songs, in my opinion. They sound heavier now. Guitar buzzing like a mad hive of bees, and the drums are raw and fast and the bass is crispy. This is one of my favorite AG release from this year. Psychoneurosis do their best, the new material sounds heavy as fuck, haha! The sound has a slight Metal taste, also it`s massive and bulldozing. All the songs are dynamic and loud, so you won`t be bored. These guys used few different kinds of vocals, in my opinion that is good, because that makes the songs brighter. The guitar has rather Death Metal tone rather than Grind , but that's not bad at all. There is one thing that stands out in the swarming drumming. The cowbell sounds incredible here, it makes this Noise spicier. In the end I can only say that I held in my hands a robust split with two epic dinosaur bands. Rating: 8.5/10 Agathocles fb Psychoneurosis fb

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Big news from Extreme Terror Production!

Into Sickness on tour!

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Sociasylum - Crossroads

Sociasylum is a new band from Estonia, playing none other than new age Grindcore. The band was formed in 2011, and Crossroads is their second album. I must admit, these guys made a lot of preparations for this massive release. The design is nice, dark colors, gloomy concept altogether these components are making a very cool image. Sound is good, a bit modern but loud and fits perfectly to all 11 songs. When I put this CD into my stereo I had to increase the volume, because I wanted to consume the atmosphere of this album. This Blackened Grind/Hardcore can bite, haha. I can't highlight any of these songs because each of them is a part of a bigger picture. The structure of many of these tracks contain disarrayed verses that lay a chaotic groundwork. I`m not particularly a big fan of modern extreme music, but the guitars with their peculiar dissonance nailed me. I like the drums, blasting parts have precise speed and sound. Besides the Grind/Crust base there is a lot of swing moshing Hardcore notes in the whole structure. That makes the music more dynamic. Of course, we have the usual problem with the bass guitar, it`s cluttered with all the other instruments (I believe that's because of the compressed sound). Thankfully that compression has no effect on the atmosphere of the whole album, so it sounds deep and dark. Rating: 8/10 Sociasylum bc Sociasylum fb

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