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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This is "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh"!!!

 Everlasting Spew Records are re-releasing an iconic album from Swedish amigos Birdflesh! 

Pelkotila - Pelon Ilmapiiri

Finnish Crusters are back to us with apocalyptic melodies! I guess not many of you know this band, well today I will try to fix that. Here is a small historical intro. Pelkotila is crust band from Finland (they are based in gloomy Helsinki town). These guys started to reherse about 4 years ago. During all this time these guys have released a few 7” and played a lot of shows. And now the time has come and the guys finally released their first full length album “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. This album contains 9 songs, and they all emit a sticky and dark atmosphere. This album will immerse you in a gloomy, black place where you will feel oppression, melancholy and doom. I guess I started to feel these emotions when I saw the cover of “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. Maybe someone would call this art primitive, but personally I find this cover art pretty emotional. Broken glass, smoke and fire, dark figures… this is fucking dark end. Sakke Vinko (the artist) did a terrific job, I'm sure that he fully felt and conveyed the atmosphere of this album, which is very important (in my opinion of course). Obviously Pelkotila are newcomers, but I can't include them into the list with mainstream punk bands. I know that the guys are big fans of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise (I'm really feeling an influences from these bands in their music), but I like the fact that guys are trying to be not just stupid clones. I guess this album is not for everyone, you should be in right the mood to be able to feel that dark atmosphere in these tunes. Guys made a mane accent of these things. There are just tons of gloomy melodies and badass apocalyptical solos. But let's not forget about great rhythms and song structures. Also there is a lot of kick ass d-beat, bass pieces and fast crazy riffs. Classical yelling brings to this album some sort of oldschool spirit. Well in the end I only can say that if you are in love with dark crust, you definitely should check this album. Rating: 8.5/10 Pelkotila bc Pelkotila fb

Berlin Grindfest!

Wojczech just released a bunch of good merch!

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Dead - A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever
Screaming Feast - The Nigths of Terror
Agathocles - Cabbalic Gnosticism
Meth Drinker ‎– OIL
Matka Teresa/Aftersundown
Pulsating Cerebral Slime - Matul Jamboree


Sonic Poison - Harsh Demonstration (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

In case you're still missing Repulsion and other bands from that period, I have a good cure for your disease. Sonic Poison is from Finland, this band is pretty young, but these boys know what “old school” means. They managed to catch the old spirit and used it in their music and even in the cover art. Folks just look at this mincer art. It looks great, all these eyes, smashed brain, blood and other elements, all of them reminiscent of old bloody cover works from moldy death/thrash/grind bands. These 7 songs are their very first recording (unless of course if I missed something), first of all I must admit that this stuff sounds pretty good for debut work. The whole sound is a little bit muffled, but I've heard much worse records, haha! I definitely like that all things (riffs, song structures, screams, drums) sound old school… It causes some kind of nostalgia. These guys did really impressive work. For example these evil buzzing riffs and screaming solos sound so well. Raw yelling and growling sound pretty aggressive too. The same can be said about the drums and bass guitar (they fit perfectly into this old mess). Some of these songs remind me old death metal, some grind and thrash…. and that is so great. So if you're in love with old music then try this band, because Harsh Demonstration is old smelly noises in new packing. Rating: 8/10 Sonic Poison bc Sonic Poison fb

You can buy this EP thru Me Saco Un Ojo Records!

Monday, December 4, 2017

New tape from Oozing Meat!

52 tracks in just under 17 minutes of noisecore, gore, harsh noise, contact mic and tape manipulations, no wave elements...all in a fucking blender. Hectic, pissed, and raw. Rawhead. You can order this tape HERE!

Here is a first look on Batra / Miroed split!

You can check the whole split HERE! Also guys are looking for some labels which can help them to release this split. So if you`re interested, just contact with Miroed guys.   

Tasty news from Warfuck!

You can make your pre-order HERE!