Friday, October 19, 2018

New tapes from Haggus!

More info is HERE!

News from Sick Phoque Records!

New shirts from Nasty Face!

Tough Riffs Magazine #6

This is an unusual write up for me, because I`m trying to cover one very cute printed zine. Tough Riffs Magazine is the child of one crazy guy from Belarus who lives in France. This pro-printed zine is mostly dedicated to the death metal scene, but I think many of Grind heads will find something interesting in this issue. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the sixth issue, black like resine, with ugly monsters on the cover, well... Our first look gives the right impression - this is Death Metal magazine and there is no doubt about it, ha! Like I said before everything is pro printed and has nice quality. Format A4, more than 60 pages with sick interviews and tons of reviews (where you may find a few reviews from GGGG). Black and white colors, the whole concept is pretty much old school, so old guys will be happy with it. You will find interviews with band like Sadistic Intent, Broken Hope, God Macabre, Cryptic Slaughter and many more. This magazine includes reviews on the most badass albums, interviews with bands, and of course news from the Death Metal scene.

This zine has good structure and plenty of content for the readers. This isn’t just some magazine you pick up, and flip through when you go to the bathroom.
Rating: 8/10 Tough Riffs Magazine fb

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mesrine - Old School '99 is out!

The oldest songs are re-released on limited colored vinyl! Act fast or cry later! More info at Uranium Overdose rec!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Split Jack / Sete Star Sept will out very soon!

"Four Disc Pile​-​Up" is out!

You can listen/buy whole release HERE!

First looks at Alex Murphy / Haggus split!

Arnø x Duebel/Crystal Methodist (Knockentapes)

I have been rather excited to sit down and review this split since the day it arrived at my front door. Some of Germany’s meanest Powerviolence comes from the vicious Arnø x Duebel from Plauen. And meeting them in this clash of Noise we have New Hampshire’s own Crystal Methodist! From the outset, we are greeted with a cover depicting people who are clearly protesting some form of Human Indecency at the hands of a Police State. A classic Powerviolence cover art choice, it never seems to get old. Now, diving into the Noise of this tangy little slab of wax; Arnø x Duebel start things off with a heavy hitting Intro that is certainly going to get you pumped up. Every song on this side of the split is heavy in some unique way. Degenerated is a ripping fast song that is on the border of being Fastcore if I am being honest. The samples they use throughout this release fit so perfectly with each song, almost like a puzzle. Blame comes in swinging a 10 pound hammer right into your face with little remorse. Not a single song from this side of the split breaks the one minute mark and each one hits harder than the last. This band is so fierce and has such a bright future ahead of them; definitely do not sleep on them. And now we move onto Crystal Methodist, starting off slow and droning with Mass Manipulation. What a haunting intro piece to this side of the split, it’s so somber and bleak. Getting By immediately picks up the pace and puts everything into high gear, full of Hardcore Punk Energy and Big riffs it’s sure to please. Fraud kicks off without any remorse, but it’s so short and bittersweet. And closing out the split we have Dragged Down which once again dives right into that classic Hardcore feel, full of emotion and energy. All in all this was definitely a split I’m happy to have gotten a hold of. 2018 delivered a lot of gems and this certainly is hidden well among them all. Rating: 7/10 Arnø X Duebel fb Crystal Methodist fb

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

New tunes from Brazilian grinders Obitto!

You can order this 7" directly thru the band!

Gorenoise Against Humanity fest!

Split Maggot Bath / Subhuman Hordes will be out soon!

All Over The Face - Like a Bull

This was one of those unexpected promos; they are rare in my practice. Guys from Switzerland sent me a big parcel with their debut album “Like a Bull”. I was surprised when I opened it, there was both the LP and CD version of this full length… I must admit not every day you receive 2 formats of one release. So as I said All Over The Face are from Switzerland, they came together 5 years ago, not sure if I can still call them an active band. During their years of existence they played a bunch of gigs and released 1 album. In my opinion this band is a bit weird, because it’s mixing everything together; Punk, Metal, Crust, Grind and Hardcore. Like a Bull has a rather unattractive red cover, but it has huge portion of hate inside. All 9 songs are about our rotten world and our ugly behavior. This album is intense and fast, with quality sound and mixing. But, I found it very strange and it took me some time to realize why it's so hard to listen to this album through to the end. These guys are using many riffs, structures and tunes from different genres and together it sounds cluttered. I don't want to be an asshole, but this album can be compared to Frankenstein’s Monster or to a broken puzzle. Bass, drums, guitar, every instrument sounds good, but the way they`re combined is weird; the whole 20 minute album simply didn't catch my attention. Rating: 6/10 All Ove rThe Face fb Official site

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Take That Vile Fiend - Excreted Brain Matters

Now, in all honesty, this isn't the fastest or heaviest gore album on the market today. But, that's in no way a bad thing. With Excreted Brain Matters, Take That Vile Fiend have displayed some of the best noisewriting I've heard from the gore scene in a long while. They have found what is quite possibly the perfect combination of speed, vomit, aggression, heaviness and rottenes. Funny fact: the cover image is really gory but in not even close to these what is hiding inside. Brad and Nik created a messy, dirty, smelly and super ugly beast.
I would go over stand out tracks, but all 26 songs are one, thus that would take forever, haha! Most of these songs sounds like garbage grinding machine, I bet this noise will be so annoying to regular fans of Deep Purple, haha! Excreted Brain Matters has a decent and low sound which rolls over you like an asphalt paver. This “music” is close to gorenoise, but it does not cross this line. Although that this tracks is unstoppable avalanche of vomit, I caught
a lot of catchy groovy moment in theme. The album is in actuality full of great headbang-able moments, they are, for the most part, a far cry from being easily accessible.

If you`re tired of usual grindcore, you want something intensive, dynamic and really sick, than “Excreted Brain Matters” be the best choice for you!

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New release from Erectile Dementia!

You can check these nasty tunes HERE!

Brutal Sphincter - Analhu Akbar

So, what kind of music does a band with such a name play? Hard rock? Pornogrind? Cyberturboscat grind? Well you're not even close. These Belgian bastards make fun of politic and social topics. This band is active since 2012, they have 2 albums, both of them were released at famous Rotten Roll Rex. Analhu Akbar was vomited from the factory two month ago, so it's still warm. I like this art, it looks neutral to me. I mean there are no vaginas, dicks or other bullshit. It's just dirty terrorists and innocent victims, everything dedicated strictly to the album theme.  

Well at first, when I heard the beginning of the opening song I was thought “wtf is that Slipknot playing or what?”. First riffs sounds like some sort of low new-metal. But then guys engaged a nice portion of groovy & heavy noise and that made everything clear. While there certainly are touches of classic czhech school (NCC, Jig-Ai etc). Flurries of blastbeats (with a bit annoying trigger sound), minor-key riffs distorted into chainsaw grinding, everything above is covered with groovy and swing structures. Brutal Sphincter use few kinds of vocals in this album. The main is pitch shifted high vocal than guttural and pig squeal, it brings in a bit of variety in this dirty and nasty mess. I feel that I forgot about something, oh yes! The sound is monstrous and massive, sometime it reminds me CBT style.
If you haven’t heard this and you want dynamic groovy grind, get this album.

Rating: 7/10 Brutal Sphincter fb

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Fast weekend with Yacopsae!

Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

I bet that gore community was jumping out of its pants when information about this split appeared. Well, I knew about this super release from the beginning (don't ask me about my channels); I waited a long time and it was worth it. This is the first release from young Polish label Left Hand Patches (ex Fat Ass rec) and this debut is very hot! It has not typical for goregrind art, you won't find any blood or human remains in the front image or inside... that maybe weird but I like this unusual art from Luisma. I guess there is no need to tell you about these bands, right? We all know these ancient heroes, that's why I just want to put this CD in my player and set the volume to the maximum!

This CD is opened with a nice and creepy into, in my opinion this is the best opening words for this ugly CD. Following this small snatch is two songs from Spanish veterans Haemorrhage. These guys are active nearly 30 years, this year they released a very punchy album We Are The Gore. Well I expected a lot from their side... well I'm a little disappointed.
These songs are not really close the their top notch material. I can't say that this is total disaster, but this material is definitely not the best.

Next are American legend Hemdale...and holy shit, the pressure from this sound just nailed me, haha! This shit is heavy as Hell! Sound is dirty and the noise wall of it just squeezed my head, haha! Sound of the bass guitar has incredibly crushing power. Distorted guitar is going after the bass, but it hard to hear it, mostly it creating creates a density in this mass. Roars and screams are so savage, they are loud and full of ferocity... And yeah, this evil noise reminds me LDOH a little bit.

Third and the last band is Meat Spreader, it's the united forces of Poland. Ex members of Dead Infection, Squash Bowels and Neuropathia. Guys recorded 3 songs for this split
and all of them have a brand new sound and energy. Jaros vocal is freaking strong, it still loud and disgusting. It's easy to recognize Tochas guitar sound and style. Arthurs bass is not so loud as it supposed to be, sometimes it hard to catch. The drums parts is the real thing here. Every cymbal, tom and bass drum is easily heard, the snare has old sound with is really lovely!

All 3 bands does their best to merge the world of gore, and they do it really damn well.

Rating:  Haemorrhage - 7.5/10   Hemdale - 8.5/10 Meat Spreader - 8/10

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