Thursday, September 20, 2018

Durian - Brutalism (Psychocontrol Records)

Powerful punch! Bleeding eardrums! All out total destruction! All out total Grindviolence! This is what you are going to get when blasting the new Durian EP! Guys from New Jersey have no time for jokes, and this release is truly tight! I'm really happy that guys didn't drop the music after Chainsaw to the Face has split up. Durian is more angry than its predecessor, but it has similar roots. By the way - the cover art of Brutalism reminds me a bit “Plague Worship” of CTTF. In my opinion this 4 pieces band kicks asses and now I will explain why... Black vinyl, 9 songs and a fuckin' punchy opening; that's what you'll get if you put this 7” on your turntable. Bones’ flash and ferocious guitar is a true force of nature here, squeezing out notes at 100 miles an hour! Caveman style aggressive shouted vocal is truly savage, together with classical powerviolence screams they're creating a nice mess. Drum section is a bit raw but damn good and fast. This EP has quite clanking bass, you can perfectly hear it in the song “Erase”. It's hard to choose the best song/songs here, every shot is good and has biting anger! So grab a drink and blast this record until you’ve pissed off all of your neighbours. You won’t regret it. Rating: 8.5/10 Durian bc

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Split Dehumanized Earth / Existench wil be out soon!

First looks at Cannibe / Disforia split tape!

New album from Cripple Bastards will be out soon at Relapse rec!

Sete Star Sept - Revision Of Noise (Fuck Yoga Records)

Tokyo's barbaric squad Sete Star Sept has been a widely revered band from the get-go, receiving love from many people in grindcore and noise families, and has become a duly noted noise force of abnormal nature since their debut in 2004. With an endless touring schedule having them trek through the USA, all of Asia, Europe, and Russia there has been a lingering wonder in my mind where the hell they managed to find time to write and record all these records? That is true insanity! This band is very active and their discography is huge (during 2018 they've had ten releases), but back in 2010 these maniacs had released a very interesting and magical album, “Revision Of Noise”. This is a remarkable and bright piece of work... this album has structures and guitar! Obviously, this 15 minutes differs from what they're doing now. The formula of this piece is deadly simple: put some intensive power, don't forget to add blasting drums and noisy, messy sound and viola! You have a sharp and aggressive beast. The guitar here is especially good,bespecially at slow moments. Savage screams add a special atmosphere of a loony bin, haha! "Revision Of Noise" is primitive aggression, and it's also a fantastic example of a not-regular noise release. You will find a lot of punchy riffs and massive sound pressure. And yeah, this album sounds almost like grindcore, so this release will be interesting for grind freaks too. Rating: 8/10 Sete Star Sept fb

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New album from Psychoneurosis will be out soon at Selfmadegod rec!

Haemorrhage - Haematology II - The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

In the world of grind, it’s practically impossible to not know the name Haemorrhage. This nasty pathological act has taken the hearts and minds from the biggest part of the underground community. It's taken more than 10 years to release second part of Haematology, but believe me, it was worth the wait. Traditionally, I want to consider the design of this release. So, German Power It Up released 2 version of this compilation; the first is a double gatefold vinyl edition, and the second is a CD version. I was lucky to get a 2LP version, and you know what? It's fucking gorgeous! All of the polygraphy is high in quality, and everything looks just amazing. Luisma drew badass art for this one... The Mad Pathologist is back, haha! Inside the sleeve you will find much interesting information. Each of the releases within this edition has a small story about this or that split; it was really interesting to read all of them. Everything here is soaked with the creepy atmosphere of a morgue.
30 songs were gathered together - you will hear noise from split with Impaled, Embalming Theatre, Dead Infection, Dead, Disgorge, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Amputation Protocol EP, and a few songs from the split with Gutalax. Expect of more than a 1 hour bonanza with churning grooves and bloody tunes.

It's hard to find new words for this band, we all know what the guys from the Haemorrhage are capable of. Their style is very recognizable and remarkable. Their brand of gore has a moldy taste and an old school punk spirit. I believe that this formula helps to keep this noise in a fresh and cheerful condition. The catchy guitar sounds like a real butcher buzzsaw (check songs from Gruesome Stuff Relish). In most songs, you will only be able to feel the bass, but in songs 7-9 (split with Dead Infection) it's on the first line and it has a monstrous sound. The blasting material from the split with German band Dead is freaking furious, and one of the fastest materials that I have heard from Haemorrhage. The vocal is the most stable thing here, it's powerful and ugly in all songs. In all meanings Haematology II is rad release and if you really love gore, you should have this putrid piece in your collection!
Favorite songs: "In the Name of Sanity", "Canarios Y Jilgueros", “Ausgebombt”.

Rating: 8.5/10     Haemorrhage fb

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Crash Syndrom - Anatomical Amusements

I freaking love unknown bands! There is something special when you're listening to unfamiliar material for the first time. You don't know what to expect, and it's always intriguing. Todays unknown name will be Crash Syndrom; this band is from Japan and I will write a few words about their fresh EP “Anatomical Amusements”. This 5 songs cassette was released under Obliteration rec (like their previous album as well), and it has classical gore art and song titles. It does not sound promising, does it? But wait until the noise flows from the speakers. My first impression is positive. "Anatomical Amusements" is a remarkable work of heavy ferocity and massive, tremerous riffs. This deathgrind has a lot of groovy and catchy moments, and the heaviness of this tape pleasantly irritates my ear membranes. The sound is bit messy (it's tape format, so that's okay) but massive and dynamic. I like that the bass guitar is at the front line - its grizzly sound is really crushing. Sometimes the guitar sounds cluttered with the bass and drums, but it's still good. There is one thing that I like about vocal part - Crash Syndrom are using few different kinds of vocals: old school death metal growling/screams and pitch shifted vomiting (which brings a lot of gore mood into this music). As for drums, hmmm, hard to highlight something special here, but I totally love the sound of the snare drum. During listening I was left with the thoughts that the guys are big fans of Dead Infection, Carcass, Napalm Death, Blood and other legends. For example I caught a good Carcass smell in “Process of Decay” song. In comparison with their debut album “Postmortem Solutions To Mundane Issues”, this EP is more interesting - it has more of an old grind feel, and it is much more memorable than the debut one. This is a very nice tape for fans of old death metal or for grind freaks. Rating: 8/10 Crash Syndrom bc

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