Tuesday, December 18, 2018

News from Sick Phoque Records!

Attention Rotterdam!

Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Vicious Circle were formed in Melbourne in 1983, this band is a living legend of violent Hardcore Punk. And it's fucking great that Power It Up Records picked them up for “The History Of Australian 80's Punk”. This reissue looks amazing, gate fold, colored vinyl and a huge booklet with old photos, posters and tons of information. Vicious Circle was honored to start this historical Vol 1, which contains the first two albums from the VC discography, 28 songs in total. Note that all of these bullets are charged with raw aggression and protesting spirit. This double LP is a great present for all nostalgic punks! Let's go back in time to 1985 when The Price Of Progress was released. This debut album is a perfect example of the consequences of uncontrolled boiling blood, youth and protest. Thirty odd minutes of simple, fast paced, furious Hardcore Punk. Hoarse guitar sound, primitive tunes, riffs and ton of fun. This is how Punk is supposed to sound, just true energy, raw power and uncontrolled speed. This music is loud and catchy it greatly differs from modern Punk and I really like it. Reflections was released in 1986, and on this album Vicious Circle made some really noticable changes. This LP contains more Hardcore material, the riffs and sound are more punching. Most of the songs are short and sharp, even the vocals sound more savage. I can't say that this is album full of fun, I think this is much more serious work and it sounds appropriate. Rating: 8/10 Vicious Circle fb

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Rotten Sound and Implore are preparing for huge tour!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Split Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater will be out in early 2019!

You can listen CTL side HERE!

Out now at Grindfather prod!

Heinous - The Basement
Tolerance / Corrodent / Agathocles
Erectile Dementia / Dead Friends 

SOOM - Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need for slow, hellish music. Sometimes, I just want to hear something that is viciously callous and devastating. Thankfully, noise-terrorists SOOM recently released their second album Джєбарс, to be honest I expect a lot from this
full length...
Chief of the Robustfellow label gave me this tape for review. I must say, I was really surprised with its looks and design. This is some truly nerdy stuff; the colors, the form, the way the whole hardcover connected - it's really something. All polygraphy was made in Ukraine but the tapes were made and recorded in the UK. The quality of this sound just paralyzed me, haha! To be honest, I've seen SOOM live about 5 times and and they touched me only once, at the really first time with old line up, that was a show in small dirty bar, but the atmosphere and sound were amazing. Unfortunately all next times when I saw them, they had no effect on me. But I really dig their first album and hopefully “Джєбарс” is cool too…

This albums begins with long, heavy and slow intro… the whole first song is just an intro. “Вщент” is the first thing with real riffs and suffocating sound. I do not know how this tape was recorded (maybe it was done with some help from demons or something) but it sounds monstrous - my speakers go crazy with all these vibrations. SOOM produce low hypnotic tunes that could scare you. This pleasant heaviness slowly envelops you and than crushes you. Most of these songs are full of classical sludge/doom/drone elements. But that doesn't mean that this noise is a clone of famous bands. These dope-smokers have their own way, with their own specific tunes and theme of ancient magical molphars (it's something like pagan wizards). I also found a lot of noise and psychedelic experiments on this piece, guys didn`t limit themselves in music creation and that is very best.

“Джєбарс” is that mix of confusion and joy that comes from saying, "What on earth is this?" then moving to "Whatever this is, it rules!"

Rating: 8/10 SOOM fb SOOM bc

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Chimpy Fest 2019!

Split Impetigo / Noise Nihilist will be out soon!

Debut demo from WOAT band is out!

You can listen and buy this tape at Lower Class Kids Records!

Nak'ay / Pizza Hi Five

Grind addicts like me spend a lot of time on the internet searching for good noise. Despite the fact that this is an old release, Nak'ay / Pizza Hi Five was one of these split that I was excited to find back in 2015. I listened to it on bandcamp tons of times, this really good noise, years after I finally got a hard copy from Psychocontrol Records and damn, that day I was happiest freak in this part of the world. One of the first things that caught me was this silly art. It reminds me covers from thrash metal/crossover era. It simple, punky, aggressive and stupid; everything that we love in arts like this.    

Chainsaw riffs, blast beats and murder vocals are what Nak'ay has to offer. Side A is full of smashing riffs and heavy sound, this noise is invite you to headbang or to mosh. But there are not only short and brutal riffs I found there some nice solos and few harsh melodies (they had some death metal taste). Drum work is impressive, these blast beats are so intensive and fast. Savage vocal style is just perfect for this ugly mess. Unfortunately this side is so fucking short, I'm tired to moving the needle to the beginning of the first song, haha!

Noise terrorist from Pizza Hi Five are closing this split with really robust material. The whole side is groovy, catchy… this grindcore has more punk spirit than Nakay has. The energy of this noise is so strong it charged me, I really appreciate things like that in grindcore. Buzzing guitar is cool, cookie monster vocal is loud and crazy and the blast beats are fast… perfect ingredients for good grind pizza.

Rating: 8/10 Nak'ay Pizza Hi Five

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Earslaughter Fest!!!

Split G.O.D. / Domesticated is finally out!

Send your questions to Outrageous Defecation Records!

Split Archagathus / Whoresnation will be out next year at Uranium Overdose rec!

Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

We have talk about a lot, but there will be always some of split/album that you`ve never heard and want to talk about. For today's review I picked up a dirty and noisy split from two bands from Madrid city. Can't say that both of these squads are well known outside of their country, but Bad Grind Spencer and Mindcollapse deserve to be shown to grind fans. Please pay a bit attention for this cover. I really like this idea, the designer made fun of stupid celebrities who are wearing underground merchandise… and I agree with him, these fuckers should be punished!

Just a short static noise, and Bad Grind Spencer started to play. Hmm… all songs have traditional elements for this genre, but that didn`t make this music boring. This dirty clot of aggression has a lot of power which is nice, guitar tone is loud, screams are good and hysterical. Drums are a little bit sloppy but it`s usual thing. Unfortunately I didn`t hear the bass guitar, it's cluttered with everything else and the whole sound wasn't prepared for this format so the high and low frequency were cut off.

As far as I know this a debut work for Mindcollapse, guys used their demo for this split. These matadors are throwing 5 nasty song right into our faces. All tracks are charged with a crazy portion of ferocity and anger. Mindcollapse are mixing old raw grindcore with hyperspeed crust punk that why their noise is catchy and heavy as fuck. I really like how this harsh grind growl is compounded with all instruments. Must admit that this side sounds better than side A but it could be better.

Rating: Bad Grind Spencer - 6.5/10      Mindcollapse - 7.5/10

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Regurgitate - Selfdisembowelment!!!

First looks at Corrodent / Existench split tape!

Split Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia will be out soon at No Bread rec!

Out next year at Almorrana DIY Records!

Huge gore news from Proguttural Production!

Re-issue of the most ugliest material from Last Days of Humanity:
- The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin (1998)
- Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration (2000)
- Putrefaction In Progress (2006)

More info at proguttural.com

Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

I really love when a few nasty bands gather together and do splits or compilation or whatever. Originally this is an old split, it was released on tape a year go. Hard to understand why, but that wasn`t enough for the bands and labels, so they decided to release a vinyl version of it as well. This fresh release has different cover art and was released on a heavy one sided LP. The new art is so fucking cool, it looks a million times better than the old cheesy corpse art, ha! The guys from Rudolph (Рудольф) band did a great job, this mutilated monster looks bloody good! Blue background, black and white characters and band logos together they look fantastic! The autopsy of the visual side is over, now let`s dig in and cut some pieces from this noise. First blast, first riff belongs to Haggus! The American Mincegore tornado from California. Groovy, dirty, punky and full of all of the fun that Haggus usually has. Goofy riffs, simple structures and loud sound will grab you face first and pull you in the pit. There is nothing special about the guitar sound or the distorted vocals, but together they create a very great combination. Oh yeah, the hellish sound of the snare, it almost makes me deaf, haha. Russian Noise Grinders Inopexia are second in line. I've known these fucker for many years, and all the times they have suffered from line up changes. I'm glad that these troubles did not stop them. Maybe this material does not have the best sound, but it's definitely rad! The crazy blasting is literary melting my mind. The guitar is heavy and has a low tone, its buzzing sound fits really nice into this mess. And yes, this band uses pitch shifted vocal too. Pulmonary Fibrosis is closing this bile vomiting party. French Grinders know how to create high quality bulldozer noise. After all they have more than 20 year of experience, hehe. This part has all the main attributes of good Goregrind. Machine gun blast beats - yep, low and massive sound - in here! Ugly, boiling water vocals - of course. Nasty guitar - done. Every one of these songs has a light taste of LDOH, but that makes this noise even spicier. And the bad stuff, Pulmonary Fibrosis added a piece of live recording…. Well that song sounds awful, haha! I will never get why these maniacs are using live tracks with such minimal quality. Rating: 8/10 Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Split 7" Incinerated / Hallucination Realized will be out soon!

You can listen Incinerated side HERE!

P.L.F.‎- Jackhammering Deathblow of Nightmarish Trepidation! CD version!

These Houston monsters of Grindcore mayhem refuse to settle for anything other than pure, unleashed Grindcore (Naplam Death/Carcass) tinged with a raw death metal punishment of classic Kreator. This new recording devastates with whirlwind, raw guitars and guttural puking vocals by founding member Dave Callier. Bryan Fajardo's precise, jaw dropping attack on the drums delivers as always, melting ears and stirring a sense of pure awe at his talent. One of the best in extreme music. This band relies on an absolute dedication and love for the genre. Truly one of the best going, and likely, one of the best ever. Order HERE!