Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Warfuck - This Was Supposed To Be Fun

More than five years after the mindfuck speed grind trip that was “Neantification”, the crazy French duo Warfuck return with this new piece of noise. But, not only is this a new one from this band, these guys just started their own label, Lixiviat Records, and this CD is the labels debut release. Every inch of this CD is covered with gloomy, black, and psychedelic images. The colors are dark, but I can't say the same about this music. I don't know what kind of technique was used here, but it looks very close to brush drawing (which is rare for grindcore artists). 

I should warn you, “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” is in nightmare territory with blasting grind, and all of the ensuing consequences. I found a few good changes at this album - Warfuck has made their sound more hardcore/metal; and it's clear and heavy, which improves the quality of the album. Plus, these guys improved their playing technique, and I can feel it. This long awaited album consists of grindcore, hardcore, and metal elements, which are tightly connected. This album could be compared with running at the battlefield during massive gun fire. Every blast beat sounds like a string of bursts -  the drums are crazy fast and do an excellent job keeping up with the fast riffs. And of course, the screams are great too. The vocals are mostly in one style, but it perfectly fits with this fast noise. 

There is one negative thing with this kind of grind however... Sometimes this never-ending blasting becomes a little bit boring. The songs start to sound very similar to each other, but this album is still good, believe me. “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” isn't an album I play all the time; it's more like one that gets a spin once every few months or so… 

Rating: 8/10   Warfuck fb 

This CD was released by Llixiviat Records

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Cavernicular / Violent Frustration (Rødel Records)

Rødel Records is a very old and honored German label. This name helped to a lot famous bands with their first steps; Mr. Keule, the owner and chief, is still out there looking for units that aren't well known, and vinyl factories still receive orders from Rødel Records; that's why I'm trying to get a copy of every new record from this ancient temple. So the new one is a split LP between Italian grinders Cavernicular and German machine Violent Frustration. These squads have a different style and sound, and that makes this split even better and spicier. There is one more curious thing - both sides have different play speeds (33 and 45RPM). Lets go in speed order, the turntable will be set to 33RPM on the Violent Frustration side. 

This is heavy, brutal, and absolutely murderous death grindcore with dual screaming and growling vocals. For the first few seconds, I thought, “Why is this music so slow?”; but then these guys punched me with a huge load of blasting (hehe), followed by strong riffs, and nice song structures with a good guitar tone that's not super low; and it sounds pretty tasty. I noticed some nice classic death metal elements here which is nice, and I would say it is about 70% grindcore and 30% death metal. This grindcore can crush you - it's really tremulous and I believe that in a live setting this machine sounds much more brutal. 

On the flip side we have Cavernicular; fresh blood in the Italian grind underground. On a previous recording, these guys show a big love to hardcore… but these 10 songs are something different. They have switched to some tight, punchy, riff-first grindcore; that cave grind has surprised me. Musically, there's nothing on here you haven't heard before or better, and while that applies to the whole genre, this “new” Cavernicular is really enjoyable! The visual part is freaking amazing with red and black colors and anti-Trump art, but most of all I like the background; all of the skulls and bones look so gloomy. The whole concept is kick-ass, but I don't think that Trump is enemy number one, because this dude is only the top of the problem. Anyway, if you haven't heard politically oriented grindcore in a while, than this LP is a good way to fix that! 

Rating: 8/10   Violent Frustration fb     Cavernicular fb 

You can order this LP at Rø

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wound Man tape!

More info at RSRec/Hate Ape Prod

Haggus - The First Six Months - A Mincecore Collection (Grindfather prod)

So, you like stories about rotten corpses? Grind? Nasty sound? Crazy fast and fun fucking music? All of the above? Get this huge portion of Mincing Gore! Californian Mince brigade, Haggus brings you 40 minutes of great noise. In this tape you will find songs from their previous works such as their splits with Agathocles and Bob Plant, noise from The Masked Mincer EP, Mincecore Agenda EP, Mince the Meat Monger RP, and debut Four Sonx Demo from 2014! All together 38 songs that will cheer your ass up. The cover of this release just screams “be careful boy, there is something dangerous inside” haha! It truly reminds me of that feeling that some old slasher movies give. Also I like that the chief of Grindfather Productions used colored cassettes for this release, it`s look cute and cool. So what is Haggus? It's a concentrated mess of fun, raw sound and stupidly catchy riffs. This music is far from high quality, super technical stuff, this is just pure and muddy fun. You can dance, you can mosh or you can drink your tea while listening to these songs. The most interesting thing in this noise is it`s a swinging energy of raw Grind and Punk. Distorted crusty guitar sound with Grindcore blasts within the track and ultimately finished off with gritty and sick Goregrind vocals on top (makes the whole sound dirtier). That’s how Haggus sounds… Uncovered, honest, sometimes cheesy and noisy shit. So if you`re into Grind and you have a bad mood, just open a beer and listen to this rotten tape, that will definitely help you Rating: 8/10 Haggus fb Haggus bc

If you want to get this tape for your collection, send an order to Grindfather prod

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Psycho / Horrible Earth

Last year started with a lot of great Grind/Noise/Gore and Crust releases. It seems 2018 may be heading in the same direction thanks to this split. The formula of this release is simple, there are two bands, 2 different kinds of noise, fucking awesome sound (I don't even remember such clear sounding vinyl) + good cover art and insert design and that's all. Well let's find out why this split is so great...

Founded nearly thirty years ago, eclectic collective Psycho has extensively reigned as one of the most iconic and strongest names in the US Noise underground. Starting out as more of a traditional Punk act, they eventually came to a more Grind sound. Their side with 4 songs is a fantastic example of harsh Punk. Everything has a moldy taste of the 80’s, but on the other hand you realize that these songs were recorded very recently (it's an interesting hybrid of tunes, sound and atmosphere). Strong bass sound, energetic guitar buzzing, classic Punk drumming and crazy vocals, that’s what you will hear on side A. Ah yes, along with 3 tracks of their own, they also have covered Ramones (Bop Til You Drop track).

To be honest I didn't hear anything about Horrible Earth until they released their first album “Typical Human Behavior”. Also it was interesting to find that Tim Morse is playing in this band. The new songs are almost the same as on the album, but I said ALMOST. These 5 songs have a bit of a schizophrenic structure, faster tempos, and also a tiny taste of Punk and Death Metal in the sound. It is a portion of twisted Grindcore with mighty power, and yes everything is done with old traditions. I can call this buzzing monster real old school Grindcore! If you loved the era of 80’s/90’s extreme music, then check this small split!

Rating: 8/10 Psycho Horrible Earth

You can get thit split directly thru the bands