Tuesday, September 11, 2018

One Day In Fukushima - Ozymandias

I remember the day when this band released their first raw demo - it was not the best piece of grind on this old planet, but back then I thought that they had potential and if they tried their best they could create something really good. Well I was right - this Ozymandias album is the best thing that I have heard from these Italian freaks. As far as I know there is a tape version too, but I only have the CD which was released by Ukrainian Eclectic prod. The design of this first full length is weird...when I looked at this image my first thought was "is this a new album from Blue Öyster Cult or other hard rock legends?". The band logo has a new look too, I think it's done in an Asian style or something like that. It's hard to believe that grindcore is hidden behind this image of broken Egypt statues. Nevertheless, we have here 18 tracks of fast grindcore with a bit of a metal taste. The visual side was unusual and it surprised me, but let's check the noise and hope there will be something extraordinary. There is no special intro or movie sample; these guys fire up everything with massive grinding riffs. The guitar has a good buzzing tone; a bit modern for my taste but nice. One Day In Fukushima uses 2 types of vocals, classical grindcore and high screaming. As for the bass sound, it's mostly cluttered with other instruments (but you may clearly hear it in Giù La Testa). Blast parts are not deadly fast, but they fit perfectly here (by the wa,y here you will hear real drums, not a drum machine like on previous records). During the listening, I caught a lot of influences from hardcore and some parts from Napalm Death. For the end I left the hardest and unpleasant part. When you write review you should be honest, whether you want to or not. I started to feel a bit bored near the end of this album, but I'm sure it's mostly about the sound. These guys compressed it, in my opinion that killed the main mood and cut off most of the energy of Ozymandias. Rating: 7/10 One Day In Fukushima fb

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