Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Endotoxaemia / Carnal Trash (Garbage Bondage Records)

Gore is the law! Today we will follow this nasty rule. Today`s victim is a smelly tape release with two good and interesting bands. Here is some info for you boys and girls... Both bands consist of only one human, so keep in mind all this noise came from only one dirty mind. Endotoxaemia is a creation of Vitaly Struchkov (Bryansk/Russia) and Carnal Trash is the ugly child of Christian Badia (Argentina). Both sides have 11 minutes of really filthy Goregrind. Now let's open this rotten boil and let the pus free!

So, first we have Endotoxaemia. The opening song, “Ripping Your Face in Half” is filled with regurgitated sludgy muck, slow disgusting and heavy, amazing song! The whole sound is soaked with down-tuned guitar riffs, loud ear-splitting trashcan blast beats, and gargling, inhuman vocals. Oh yes, I caught some good remains of old good punk, that is a good spice for this Gore dish. After listening to this material, I didn’t feel like Endotoxaemia was just playing the same song one after another. While it’s hard to discern differences when a majority of the songs are just blast beats and low vomiting vocals, there are subtle nuances that stick out.

Carnal Trash differs from Endotoxaemia with a messy Last Days Of Humanity oriented style. Old songs are under one minute and they are raw, moldy and fast. Loud, regurgitated sound of pitch shifted vocals take a leading place in all songs, unfortunately the tasty sound of snare is hidden behind the roars, and that a bit sad. Also I can't say that this noise is memorable, it's good, but all songs are very similar to each other… Anyway these 7 songs are still a nice portion of Gore.
Rating: Endotoxaemia 8/10 Carnal Trash 7.5/10

Want this spit? Garbage Bondage Records can help you!