Thursday, April 19, 2018

Su19b - Neutralize (Grindfather prod)

This year my audio library was replenished by another excellent release… a new dreadful thunderbolt from old honorful Japanese sludge  pv grind band Su19b)) This tape has been stuck in my Harman Kardon deck for some time. The new album has an unpleasant feel of a disgusting and dark atmosphere that will drag you into the abyss and suffocate you. Its so heavy and magical work, the release resembles the motion of lithosphere plates… cover art matches the music perfectly. The cover is artistically very professionally done, delivering a sad and scary scenario of neverending war, destroying the planet and collecting our human souls. Extremely skillfully made, with many small nasty details...WOW!!!
The entrance to this purgatory is rather long and gloomy, inspiring doubts and fear… a feeling of entering the darkness. This goes for the title track Neutralize, the heaviest attack in the entire discography of this band. You will notice a remarkable difference between the earlier album "The world doomed to violence", and this one… the new material is SO much heavier sound wise. It contains loads more atrocious Death Metal, mixed in with swamping sludge. The guitar sound is so unnaturally low and heavy it can grind everything down in its way, hahaha. Solos come into the fray, and ugly vocals continue this twisted narration. I want to highlight the slow parts, every riff is like a painful blow from a hammer...
Su19b brings loads of psychedelic fears to your mind, so be careful with this album boys and girls.
Rating: 9/10       Su19b fb

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