Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Antigama - The Insolent (Selfmadegod)

Antigama is a band who certainly stands out in grind scene. Their focus are more on the technical side of things, and lesser on punk aspects. I believe thats why this group is not for everyone, and even less for everyday listening. Antigama really glorifies their home country of Poland. (how many other famous extreme bands can you name from PL who does that?), I don't have any idea, if Polish people really gives a fuck about that, haha!). The Insolent is Antigamas 7th album in their discography, and makes a nice impression. The whole design is a projection of Antigamas music. It's elegant, progressive, atmospheric and crazy.Even schizophrenic at times too! The cover is artistically well thought out also, using those pale colors, and really amazing desert photos, plus the idea with these eyes is also pretty catchy.

This is a huge album on so many levels. While taking root in chaotic grind and metal, it merges into a mad mix of technicality and ferocity. Not even once do they let up, and give you time to breathe, or think about the musical aspects, before the record is over, and youre looking at the CD player, wondering what the hell just happened here. This album is loaded with wonderful, and strange riffs, which pops up during the chaotic pace of the songs. I especially enjoy the tiny pieces of free jazz elements, that makes this sound even weirder. The Vocalist screams so hard and wild, while the drummer kicks fast and so powerful. Our guys here literally spills out all the negative energi and frustration they got...  

If you’re at all into technical music, buy this record. You might not listen to it that often, but you will certainly be blown away by what you hear, and anyone who is a fan of strange, progressive experimental grind, should definetely get their hands on this.

Rating: 8.5/10    Antigama fb    

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