Sunday, April 8, 2018

Agathocles - Mincer (Grindfather prod)

Needless to say, Agathocles is an iconic and legendary band, and is amongst the pioneers, who began plying "oldschool" noisy raw, minimalistic grindcore(especially in Belgium). They also invented the term"Mincecore", and were not out to prove anything, to anyone. After all, this is one of the grind/mincecore undergrounds finest, and most famous units. They are obviously not a band with a 100% perfect discography, but are still the masterminds behind some of the most influential oldschool rippers like fx."Theatric Symbolisation Of Life", and of course "Mincer", which, by the way is untouchable. So, today's review is hereby dedicated to this very wicked re-issue from AG.

There has never been any doubt how fucking hard this trio can produce bulldozing crushing noise."Mincer" hits pretty goddamn painfully HARD. What you’ve come to expect from Agathocles: Angry, distorted, and dynamic punky grooves. Small fact about this album: It was recorded in a professional studio, opposed to D.I.Y., but the end result has been worth it. Jans pitch shifted vocals sound incredibly brutal, and magical to me, and the guitar sound is also very lovely. Same thing with the sloppy basstone, and Roel drumming. These are usually always the most tricky parts to my ears, hahaha.  

I would say this ranks as a damn fine,and good album.If you're into AG, chances are you probably already torn into this menacing motherfucker. If not, I suggest you get on this beast, right away...

Rating: 8.5/10     Agathocles fb 

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