Monday, March 26, 2018

Crumpled Mumbler - Demo

To find a good one in the mountains of mess, is usually quite difficult in the world of raw noisy grindcore. But it is our mission to dig deep, and find some nice and unknown squads. Today's band is Crumpled Mumbler. Have you ever heard about this band before? I bet you havent. I can't say if this band is a fully active unit, or rather just a fun sideproject from the people of Cephalophore, Archagathus and Truth Of All Death. Obviously, this tape is their debut,and i admit, this raw stuff sounds nasty wicked!
4 minutes, five tracks … this should give you some impression of what to expect here. Music without melody, and ballsless heavy metal solos. The guitar tone is suffocating in a fuzzy, messy tone and is just about drowning in a noisy clutter of distortion, loud roars and screams. The riffs, for one, are fast and catchy (they are pretty standard as for mincecore but this is not bad at all), of course there are a ton of swingy groovy parts. The sound is the weakest spot in this thing. The guys overdid it with rawness, but as for the first shoot, this is a very lovely result. Oh yes during the listening i got the feeling the guys has been inspired by Agathocles, and early punk grind bands. I believe this tape will be completely repulsive for any cowards, hahaha!  

Rating: 7.5      Crumpled Mumbler  

This tape released by Sonic Bath Records!