Sunday, February 11, 2018

Insufferable - Agony

Sometimes small towns have a lot of secrets… Sometimes they can breed really terrible and crazy people. I'm sure that we have that kind of situation here. So the towns are Rosyth and Livingstone (Scotland land) and the band - Insufferable. I'm sure that boys from that this duo (trio?) is very quiet, maybe even shy but, all of them have heads full of dirty maggots. Just listen to their harsh music and you will understand what I'm talking about. If I remember it right they started making some noise somewhere in 2015 (maybe earlier)... They had started with simple primitive noisecore/grind, total free improvisation, just play as fast as you can and scream as loud as you can. Slowly step by step this band grew and developed. The noise infection has spread more and more around their bodies… They became more experienced with their play. Which gave rise to this new, nasty and interesting album… So why is this album interesting in particular? Well the guys managed to meld in something new, something with stronger balls and louder sound. The most noticeable change here is that they put some elements of powerviolence into their noise mess. Now these songs are not just short, fast and super noisy, now they are slowing down and then jump to full speed at the drop of a hat. As always they did not spare themselves and gave all their strength and all their ferocity for this album. So as I said Agony have a lot of fast and crazy moments (these little moments can damage your mind by the way), drums and distorted bass are violently low and fast. Also we have here screaming and yelling, different sound (noise) effects… in the case of “Streams of Curses” we can observe even some psychedelic tricks. For me “Agony” became a good example of irregular noise… Of course this music is not for everyday listening, but if you have the right mood, this album can really crush you. Ah, almost forgot. I recommended you grab a few cold beers while you listen to this one 😉

Rating: 7.5/10 Insufferable bc Insufferable fb