Monday, December 25, 2017

Archagathus / Terror Firmer

Well boys and girls today we will mince our ears with this nasty split. You all perfectly know (I hope so) both bands, both of them are pretty famous and these punks know how to create good catchy noises. A cooperation of 13 (!!!) labels managed to press two different versions of this 10”, regular black and lovely pink one (I got a pink one). I can only say that this dirty audio madness is like a good portion of alcohol, it brings you so much fun… And I will try to explain to you why. Let's go in order and start with Canadian side. So… Archagathus are well known for their catchy and primitive melodies, which make you dance and bring a stupid smile to your face. Here is some info about this recording session. Almost all of these songs were recorded by Dan, Joe helps him with vocal. All instruments were recorded 7 years ago (2010) and the yellings and vomit screams were recorded 5 years later (2015). But, despite the fact that it is old stuff the whole side is really tight! That savage punk really makes you swing, haha! Good dirty sound, stupid vocals, goofy tunes and middle tempo rhythms… that is the main things here. This record can cheers you up (if you are sad for example). Oh and yes, this gloomy cover art reminds me Machetazo works, haha. I didn't expect to see such a cover, haha!) Now it`s time for Terror Firmer side. These Italian bandits recorded their side in 2014, they have recorded 4 of their own songs and one Repulsion cover. Well these sounds have pretty old taste (I`m sure that our boys are big fans of Repulsion and Terroriser, hehe) but with more aggressive base. Terror Firmer does not use any vocal effects all of these roars and screams are real and that is awesome. The whole material has low buzzing sound, guys managed to create not boring songs, each of these 5 is like a gunshot. And yep Huere Giulio managed to draw these guys like real rockers, haha! Rating: 8/10 Archagathus Terror Firmer

You can buy this split at Extreme Terror prod!