Thursday, August 24, 2017

Yacøpsæ / Slight Slappers (Dead Heroes Records)

Oh guys, after all that "new wave" of powerviolence, hardcore etc, this split has become kind of like a good portion of cold beer after a hard working day for me. Both bands are well-known legends and don't need any introduction, they are loved even in the far off Nepal countrysides. But I need to know more about the photo of the cover art of this split. I suppose that the photo was taken somewhere in Africa but it reminded me a human zoo park in Belgium (yes in the 50's in "civilized Europe" there were savage people held from far off countries).

How interesting the beginning of the Germans side is... What a beautiful far east melody (in addition you can hear a pleasant sound of vinyl cracking). Here all the excess shit goes away and then without any warning these guys flood you with an unstoppable and furious fastcore stream. There is nothing new on the recording, no experiments, just good old Yacøpsæ, and as for me I like it very much. Concentrated speed, aggression, everything is traditional, and this is exactly what people wait to hear from this German powerhouse when they put the recording into the player.

Archives say that Slight Slappers have a solid and long history... There is information that these guys play powerviolence but honestly speaking it's hard to call them classical PV. All of you know very well how japanese bands differ from all others. The fury of these guys remind me of a kamikaze pilot which slays his enemies into dust by force. No matter, these guys are not very young but they can kick your ass hard enough! Ahaha! I don't know the origin of the term "Japcore" but this is exactly what Slight Slappers are playing.

P.S. This split is supplied with excellent and very cool printed zine Communal Grave. And this makes the release much more attractive for the owners. Rating: 8.5/10 Yacoepsae Slight Slapppers

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