Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sissy Spacek ‎– Disfathom

Many of you know this mad name. Sissy Spacek is a pretty old band and they released a lot (even a fucking ton) of stuff. So it's not surprising that we received a few of their CD`s for reviews (this should have happened anyway haha).

This is not an album, “Disfathom” is an absolute sharp mess (in a good way of course). When I'm looking at this dark and gloomy cover my mind refuses to believe that this is a grindnoise stuff. This cover is more suitable for industrial music or for some dark drone. But the facts speak for themselves. Well we have here a devils buzzing box which is rich with bizarre and chaotic songs. Crazy speed is a main rule here… This wall of noise is dense and very loud, almost too much to take it in. A mix of blast beats, roars, screams and guitar riffs create a strange and hellish sound weapon. Disfathom can be compared with a turned on mixer has been shoved into your head. I really like their violent style; these guys are truly mad, haha! But unfortunately I can`t say that this album is memorable, but this crazy piece of plastic is definitely good. Rating: 7.5/10 Sissy Spacek fb