Friday, July 28, 2017

Scab - Scab Presents: Nuclearth

Today we sit down to listen to some Dbeat Grind/Crust brought to us by Pennsylvania 2 Piece Scab! From the start we are given a very minimalist cover design. Simple black cover with the band logo and what appear to be bullet casings. Nothing over the top, but simultaneously I'd like a little more to look at. Enough about the art though, that's not why we came here. From the beginning we are force fed blistering Dbeat goodness. Riff after riff come trampling forth like a wild stampede. And an array of vocal variety come out swinging for the fences. I can't put my finger on it, but they ever so mildly remind me of another band I'm familiar with. From beginning to end this release is relentless in almost every aspect. The lyrics resonate with the listener and the power of every chord is felt deep inside. You can really tell emotions were poured into this album. I highly recommend this release to anyone looking for some fresh underground Grind from the States that sticks out in the crowd. Rating. 7.5/10 Scab fb Scab bc