Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lycanthrophy / Chiens

Let's keep on digging into our collection from our Czech friends Dead Heroes Records. This time we will turn back the dial for a moment and make a review of the Lycanthrophy & Chiens split. I have no idea who Jubsss is but this guy definitely has a talent in drawing! Just look how interesting he represented different social diseases in just one picture. Here we've got the theme of rotten religion, worldwide conspiracy (I judge like this looking on the all-seeing eye), nazism and corruption.Very good work, at least the visual part of the release is worthy, hehe)) Czech guys Lycanthrophy surprised me a little bit (in a bad sense) that Zdíša (the most famous girl in the fastcore universe:)) ) didn't take part in recording this release. But as I know (this is not a fact) she was pregnant at the time and it isn't strange she is absent on the recording. But don't mind that. Even without Zdíša guys don't loose their force and their own style. Here we got the same insane Czech fastcore which blows the brain! As for me, the main Lycanthrophy feature, besides the female vocals, was the furious speed, and we have a lot of it there. French Grindcore always was someway different from the others. Especially in the guitar riffs. So Chiens sound different too. I can't say I enjoyed their sound but the material is great. I have specifically memorized that sharp guitar sound and various screaming vocals. And yes, it's hard to refresh after that furious outcome. There's a feeling like you're being punched by a muai-tai fighter. Rating: 8/10 Chiens fb Lycanthrophy fb

You can buy this split HERE!