Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dead Infection ‎– Surgical Disembowelment (Selfmadegod Records)

It's fucking classic, classic and one more time classic! Dead Infection occupies a key position in a gore style so it should be known to any one who even slightly interested in grind. And then there's fresh re-issue of their early album Surgical Disembowelment. I'm honestly not a big fan of all those re-release stuff (just because this album has been published on CD more than once) but when I got this digi-pack in my hands I completely changed my opinion. Polish label Selfmadegod Records was able to bring that album to even higher level. Edition has a 4-piece folding cover and also there are lyrics and nice picture of different human parts and of course surgical cabinet. The ass-kicking, dirty and sick it's not all the adjectives that can be added to "Surgical Disembowelment". Damn, and it's year `93, and in addition the debut album. I think that is when guys got origin of their signature sound. This filthy mix of goregrind and death metal is unlikely to get the young grind freaks going, but old grind fans definitely have this CD in their collections. Buzzing guitars, blasts from maestro Cyjan and ugly hoarse vocal are those components which made this album very important for goregrind genre.
Rating: 8/10 Dead Infection Selfmadegod