Thursday, August 9, 2018

Üden - Pudriéndose En La Mierda (Grindestroy)

It’s been quite long time since I’ve heard good noise from South America, so I'm honestly happy that I received this CD of Üden. This Chilean band is a fresh breath of air for me; nice tunes, good sound pressure, and a classical black and white design. What else does a grindfreak need to be satisfied?

I won't lie, this album isn't unique, and I have heard similar noises many times. But, despite that fact, Pudriéndose En La Mierda is a perfect formula of raw grind sound, twisted energy, caveman riffs, and pure aggression. All songs sound fresh and catchy (even though they are very similar to each other), which is a positive aspect in this work. Fast grind parts are intertwined with crusty tunes and tempos which creates some really tasty structures. Low bass brings heaviness to all songs, chainsaw guitar leads bring everything to the boiling point, the endless screaming is freaking loud, and the drumming is a bit goofy and raw. But - that is good, and it fits perfectly into this noise.
I can call “Pudriéndose En La Mierda” a good grind charger, these Chilean amigos put all their strength and energy into this record. Rating: 8/10 uden bandcamp

You can order this album HERE