Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Le Scrawl - Eager to Please (Regurgitated Semen Records)

There are some moments in your life when you want to sit and listen to something unusual and wild… Something that will help you to wipe all of the bad thoughts from your head. I found a perfect recipe for myself; it`s one cup of wine and the band Le Scrawl. This old German band (they were founded in 1989) knows how to twist genres, and they have managed to find a brilliant balance between ska, jazz and grindcore. I bet that many of grind fans don't like Le Scrawl because “this is not true grind”, but that is their problems. For me, “Eager to Please” is one of their best releases. It's so weird, of course in good way; just look at the cover, it’s crazy, isn't it? From the first looks, it's funny but dark colors make it look gloomy; it looks like this image is from an old freak circus.

This buzzing album has 13 songs, and each of them are memorable. The whole album is damn catchy and groovy. I like this bright bass sound in the song “Boiling Point”, and the joint work of wind instruments and a synthesizer is a lot of fun for me. “Antisocial” is my favorite song here – it’s fast, savage, and crazy; I found a lot of moments from old punk school. I like the guitar tone, as it has a nice sound and the guitar does not clutter the other instruments. Everything is in its place, and I can hear every riff, every drum beat, every vibration from the bass guitar, every damn synthesizer key, and every note from the wind instruments. And yep, I didn't say anything about the vocals yet. Mario (the singer) has a very deep growl which spiced everything above and gives good notes of brutality.
“Eager to Please” is a piece of magical noise; this album has many sides (it has some fun tunes as well as some sad ones) and if you love weird music, you will definitely find something for yourself in this music.
Rating: 9/10 Le Scrawl fb

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