Friday, August 10, 2018

Golem Of Gore - Horrendous Summoning Of Gore

It's always nice (and sometimes even a pleasure) to write about new bands. Meet Golem of Gore - fresh goregrind band from sunny Italy. Their demo work, “Horrendous Summoning of Gore”, is so filthy that I can't miss the chance to review it. I got a simple CDr edition with a lovely bloody cover, and the CD inside that was signed by a marker, which is good old way to spread your noise, isn't it?

This demo consists of 10 putrid songs which are fit in seven minutes; in my opinion it's more than enough for their first shot. This gore is a bit messy but I like it; somehow these guys managed to find a good balance between raw and muddy riffs, and, more or less, clear drum sounds and distorted vocals. The snare sounds very loud, the blast beats drill the brain with a fantastic speed (it's one of the best parts for me), the 5 string bass makes a good wall of noise, and pitch shifted roars are there too (and they sound savage!). The combination of these elements create a dirty and powerful sound; you will definitely catch a big inspiration from Last Days of Humanity in this noise.
Anyway, I feel that this is a beginning of something interesting and powerful. Let's wait and see what these maniacs will prepare for us in the future.
Rating: 7.5/10 Golem Of Gore fb Golem Of Gore bc