Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meth Leppard - Discography 2015-2017 (Abusive Noise Tapes)

The year was 2015, 2 guys start jamming together just for fun, but in a short time they understand that all their noise deserves to be shown to the world. That was back 3 years ago in Adelaide, so far these guys have recorded many good songs. They’ve also put a huge tour in US under their belt. And now, a week ago they started their tour in Europe! That's why this review will be so relevant to read. Spanish label Abusive Noise Tapes was the one who put 26 tracks together and released them as a CD. Together it`s 26 minutes of strong Grindcore, which is short and good. The first ultimate strong point of Meth Leppard is that their songs are in the same pounding vein, but are really different from each other. Where Grindcore bands tend fall in the trap of repetition, consciously but more often reluctantly because they just run out of ideas (that is very sad, but true), ML manages to find new themes and hooks for every track. Second is their riffs, try to listen to these songs closely and you will find a lot of different approaches, Ryan is really a riff machine. He has managed to make so many simple but catchy noises with his guitar. But not only guitar is vibrant here, take a look at these fast and crazy blast beats. Sometimes the snare and bass drum sound so savage, I bet that Kieran lost few pounds during all these recording sessions, haha! Really skillful and furious drumming to say the least. It's a solid record, though rather bare-bones and straightforward, and I can easily recommend it to most of the straightforward, oldschool Grind fans out there. Those who are looking for something more involved, soft and original, though, would be encouraged to look elsewhere. Rating: 8.5/10 Meth Leppard bc Meth Leppard fb

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