Thursday, June 7, 2018

Murders Calling - All You Need Is Violence (Death Crush Records)

It's time to drop more Grind into our channel! I can call this album super Italian because Murders Calling are Italians and the label that released them (Death Crush Records) is from Italy too. The main theme of this album is death and violence which is displayed vividly in the cover art. I don't know if this is a scene from some movie, but I like how it looks, especially with this muted colors. Also the theme of murder and other dark things was used as the opening for “All You Need Is Violence” (but I don't know what movie his sample is from). The intro abruptly passes into “Corpi a perdere” and this song perfectly reveals the essence of Murders Calling. It's pretty dirty, aggressive Grindcore with solid portions of Death Metal. Spearhead begins with a looping drum beat and quickly draws into a sea of guitar distortion. Ugly screaming and barbaric roaring are supported by trembling and low bass tone. The songs are all based around this formula with little variation between them. This is one of those albums where you think "I'm sure I've heard that riff before about 3 songs back", haha! The riffs aren't exactly reused over and over, there are many which are very, very similar in either construct and/or sound, but that's never been something that bothers me (it's a usual thing in this genre). Also I like these screaming guitar solos like in “All You Need Is Violence” track, that add some old school spirit into this album. But there is one thing that I don't get, why guys put 2 live songs in the end? Maybe they didn't want to leave empty space? In my opinion that was a bad decision, because it spoils the impression of the whole album. Rating: 7/10 Murders Calling fb

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