Thursday, June 14, 2018

L.UL.U - We're about to throw up! (Here And Now Records)

We have here 5 minutes of young and energetic Fastcore/Powerviolence from Milan. These guys just started, but they already have a tour with Double Me, and also they`ve recorded this small and lovely tape. This sound is short but it's enough for a debut release and that is also enough to understand L.UL.U. Everything starts with the song “Wait in Vain”. I must admit this is a good punch, this track is full of nice energy. Same could be said about the other 6 songs. Mostly these guys are using pv base (fast/slow tempos) in their song, this is the usual formula, not unique but it works and that is the important part. I also wish to highlight the atmospheric slow intro in "Barrio", that melody sounds very nice and gloomy. Our trio managed to create good juicy sound, guitar is not dry, it has a pleasant buzzing vibration. Maybe the vocals are not too powerful, but this yelling perfectly fits to this noise. Punky drums are good too, especially in groovy parts. Btw, this tape is very cute. Cassette has a lovely pink color and the whole design is so simple and looks really nice. So I can honestly say that “We're about to throw up!” is a very good start for this band. But let's not jump the gun time will show us everything. Rating: 7.5/10 LULU bc LULU fb

If you want to order this tape, you can do that thru Here And Now Recs