Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Gland - Deterioration Of Flesh (Rotten N Rancid Records)

The bloody wave of the Deathgrind genre has swept ovee our mad world. Obviously it brings new life for many interesting bands and festivals. Our small underground is getting bigger which is nice… but let's get back to our review. Today's band is from Ottawa (Canada). Their debut album “Deterioration Of Flesh” was kindly sent to me by Rotten N Rancid Records. This CD has a pretty simple design, but that is fine. I like this primitivism, black color, CD with only the logo and album title. Looks like an old school piece, haha! The woman in the acid bath looks lovely too, it reminds me old diy demo tapes of Death Metal bands in the beginning of the 90's. This 10 minutes of bulldozering Deathgrind, are truly sick. Low tuned guitar is mixed up with time-tested riffs. The drummer managed to create a great blasting wall, everything (snare, cymbals and bass drums) . Same with deep these roaring vocals it could be compared to angry roars of starving Abominable Snowman, hahah! These guys enjoy their desperate and heavy melodies, they commute between slow-moving parts and aggressive, gnawing sections. One can call this tried and tested approach predictable, but I don't see any problems as long as the song-writing formula still works. And this is exactly the case. And in the end I want to write about the sound. First of all it's solid (especially for their debut work)... but it has no old school smell. It has a good heaviness but on the other hand it`s a bit clear for my taste. Maybe it is because all the band members are so young or maybe the sound engineer has no experience with such a specific thing. Who knows? Rating: 7/10 Gland bc You can get this CD from Rotten N Rancid Records