Monday, May 28, 2018

Od Vratot Nadolu - Жива (Fuck Yoga Records)

Finally it's Sludge time on Good Guys Go Grind! Believe me boys and girls, today I dug up a very special (maybe totally unknown thing for most of you), album for you guys. I want to present you with the only work of Od Vratot Nadolu (From the Neck Down, sorry if my translation is wrong). The fact that this massive work was lost in the void of oblivion is not fair and unbelievable. This slow and beautiful full length was born in mysterious Macedonia somewhere in 2010. Unfortunately I didn't find a lot of information about this band… I know that this drum and bass duo is no longer active. Well that is truly sad, because “Жива” surprised and impressed me a lot, this album is something like Pandora's Box. The box with negative and vile emotions, which can tear you down. Both Marko (drums/vocals) and Goran (bass/vocals) put everything they had into this record. I perfectly feel the raw emotions they put into it. Hysterical, chaotic and schizophrenic tunes brings me into this noise hell. These melodies are so painful, they can even damage your mental condition, ahaha! I havent heard of many bass and drums bands (especially in the Sludge genre) but Oд Вратот Надолу proved that they are worth at least of 3 usual bands with guitars! Why you ask? Let's start with this beautiful stringed instrument. Deep and low Bass just drive me crazy, it has such great tone, and its distorted so well too. Sometimes it sounds almost like a guitar (just check “Nekoj vi gi ebe Decata”). The drum part is wonderful too. Fast, with hardcore speed and structures, these beats sound like hammer blows. The cymbals have a nice crumbling sound, that cover everything. And of course the agony fueled yelling and scream… I bet that both of these dudes had spite their lungs out by the end, haha! What a wonderful piece of work! Rating: 9/10

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