Thursday, May 31, 2018

Noothgrush - S/T (Fuck Yoga Records)

It's surprising how many rare recordings are showing up these days. Look what I found! Very first demo of legendary Noothgrush has been re-released by Fuck Yoga Records. This self titled material was pressed on CDs and vinyl (so in the end the digital and analog freaks could satisfy their hunger). It's a miracle that somebody still has that tape in such nice condition. For obvious reasons I can't check the original sound however this digitized version sounds nice. I'm sure that sound engineer tried to remove all major interference but, this debut is still has its noisy and raw guts, which is so good. First of all these songs are not all that sludgy as we are used to hearing. This noise has the distinct characteristics of doom metal. The whole CD has a very interesting atmosphere. It will slowly suffocate you. Sometimes it arouses a sense of fear deep inside of your mind and it makes your skin crawl.Very strong bass guitar sound stands out (like in punk rock), it has a leading position in every song. Drums and guitar are a bit messy but, it also have a nice buzzing tone. Clean depressing vocals are especially good here, it's a huge part of this dark atmosphere. There is one small thing, it`s the background noise from the analog format. That thing spices the whole “Noothgrush” album. This edition has new gloomy art work, made by Jason Barnett btw. I like this work, it depicts some strange bird-reptoid characters, which are watching you with an unkind look, haha! Rating: 8/10 Noothgrus fb

You can buy this release thru Fuck Yoga Records