Thursday, May 24, 2018

Moronic - Recipes for Disaster

You all know how Germans love to play heavy, simple and aggressive, right? That country gave rise to so many great death, thrash and grind bands. Of course that process is still running, I found a lot of good new names with Moronic among them. Why Moronic? This band attracted my attention with its primitive style Deathgrind. Their debut album “Recipes for Disaster” has literally punched my face, haha! The visual side of this sound piece might not be so perfect. I found it a bit boring, this art did not hook me. But this creature still looks nice. This album is a great example of the Deathgrind genre, in “Recipes for Disaster” time-tested tunes are mixed with a few modern things (like heavy clear sound). The album is dominated by blazing blast sections, frantic, explosive massive riffs, and throat-ripping vocals. I like that these guys used all their skills: Speed is rather important in general, but mid-paced structures are used as well. The drumming is full of variation and the barbaric vocal attacks are awesome, both guitar players are good and able to perform decent leads. Short heavy samples and beats are sometimes incorporated (like in the song “Grind The Crowd“). Each song is almost always dismally heavy, especially during mid tempo parts. Most of them are dense with Death Metal riffs, but I found some touches of punky stuff (check out “New Age Pharisees”). Maybe it's hard to believe this debut work can be so cool, but this is obvious because Moronic is compiled of guys who are playing heavy stuff for a lot of years now. Most of them have grey hair, hehe. PS: I was pretty impressed with Moronic`s performance and this got me to wait for more of their releases. Rating: 8/10 Moronic fb Moronic bc