Thursday, May 3, 2018

Evolution Fail - Humanity's Desecration

Are you aware that about 1 year ago, the jaws of time regurgitated an old piece of moldy sound back to the surface? I have never heard of this bands existence before, so they are completely new to me. But i can honesty say, I`m very pleased this release wasn't buried and forgotten by time, sand and dust. So, back in 2017 our Canadian friends reissued "Humanitys Desecration" on tape, boys digitalized and remastered everything, so the sound is refreshed. But there's more… They kept the design almost identical to the original artwork, and I love that it still retains parts of this old atmosphere, which I find to be important. The whole idea behind reissuing older albums is great, because it gives people the opportunity to experience, and discover old hidden, and possibly forgotten treasures this interesting, but sadly quite unknown band.
I wish to emphasize first and foremost that this tape is nicely charged with a good portion of slamming energy, and contains all the crucial elements and attributes of oldschool grindcore. A raw bulldozing assault of riffs and blastbeats makes this into a wild and dangerous cocktail with a lot of badass elements, from a variety of different metal genres. Actually it reminds me of the golden times with bands like old Napalm Death, Terrorizer and S.O.B.
This is full on, straight to the point order of business, and not much variation. These guys give it their all, and I respect that.
I cant guarantee this will give you the biggest impact in your life, but definitely still recommend to give it a listen, regardless...
This release contains 40 minutes of great (ancient) straight forward old grind with cookie monster vocals, that will be sure to kick your asses black and blue! 

Rating: 8/10      Evolution Fail bc       Evolution Fail fb