Monday, May 7, 2018

Chainsaw to the Face - Plague Worship (Psychocontrol records)

We all know that time is a really massive and strange thing. It can give and it can also take away... Time is a good challenge, so not even the most well prepared bands can go through it. Chainsaw to the Face was not around long but, this band left a memorable scar in my mind. That's why I want to dedicate a review in memory of this badass band. These guys from New Jersey have great talent, they know how to find a balance between brutality and good punk riffs. Also, they know the line, so they don't make a mess with blasting drums and fast buzzing guitars. That`s a few good things about Chainsaw to the Face. As soon as the needle hits the vinyl the real chaos begins. This band has never been soft, these boys always know how to make a kick very painful, haha! I like the way this band is using different moments from Grindcore, Hardcore and Punk.Each song is like a small blow, its fast, loud and deadly. Sharp riffs and blast beats intermingle and mix and that could lead to explosive situations. Slow moments just carry you into the jaws of madness, speed and brain crushing energy. Plague Worship has a perfect quantity of raw patina, and that definitely helps to sound more aggressive and primitive (which is adorable). All of the above is stored in a nice paper sleeve with a lovely design (you will also find all the necessary information here). I like how the X-ray pictures of foetuses are mixed with photos of natural destruction. I think that this collage is perfect for this grindviolence release. Rating: 8/10 Chainsaw To The Face bc

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