Friday, April 6, 2018

Gastroschisis - Demo 2018

I think this is the very first band from Malta, ever on our page. It's always nice to see, our small noisy world grow and thrive. Since this squad is new, I should maybe give a little bit of background first, for you guys... Gastroschisis was born is the middle of spring in 2016, by 3 sick friends, Gabriel (drums), Chris (bass) and Daniel (guitars). A little bit of practise and our boys managed to create and record 3 nasty songs. The heroes of our story here has a very greedy approach to old death metal, grindcore, beer, and horror movies. Therefore, this small demo has a strong hold in all of these magical things. First track of this diy demo has a loud title - “Make Gore Not War”. This is the most grinding track on the CDr. Fast guitars with slimy tones, angry growling vocals, and punky drums. (My personal favorite track). Next track has a ridiculously long pathological title:“Neurodegeneration Resulting From Endocannibalistic Omophagic Practices (Kuru)”. The guys filled this deadly track with a super cute intro, which was taken from the cult horror flick "Cannibal Holocaust". Well, that was catchy stuff… but our friends turned this one into absolutely other wain. This is mostly good Death Metal, with slobbery growling, low and heavy riffs. The same can i say about last track “Constrained to Humanity”. Both shoots are great examples, of Death Metal. Yep, theyre not perfect, and yes they do have some boring moments here and there, but all in all, this is a good, and "cute" demo from Gastroschisis. You should check this band out for yourself, and keep a good eye out for them in the future. Rating: 7/10 Gastroschisis bc Gastroschisis fb