Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dissidence - Fields of War

The Reno,Nevada Blackened Crust Trio are here to lay waste to all! Fields of War is an EP not to be taken lightly. Boasting a mere 4 tracks, but don't let the lack of songs drive you away. Because in this small package is something explosive. Front to back this EP is a no holds barred battle of the senses. I must say the cover art is outstanding. Depicting the Angel of Death appearing before 2 great warriors in the midst of battle surrounded by the fallen. Now let's get into what we really came here for, the music! Dissidence bring us a malicious mix of Black Metal riffs,punishing percussion and eerily guttural vocals touched with fringes of Crusty goodness to make a sound all their own. Each song starts off somber and builds into an angry riff filled ride for the listener. Plenty of upbeat and aggressive parts melding with slower more surreal pieces make the listener feel things unfamiliar. As if awakening an ancient slumbering warrior within to be called to battle. Definitely be sure to give this band your attention as they're doing something truly unique. Rating: 7/10 Dissidence bc Dissidence fb