Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cryptic Void ‎– Into The Desert Temple (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Cryptic Void is one of those bands, who like to make concept albums. This slab is a continuation of a long story, they began in 2015,on the EP “Psychomanteum”... Just reading the title, says almost everything, which needs to be said, about this massive album. The story is not only written in the music, but spreads its tentacles into the artwork also. Our hero from the first release, finally walks through the ancient, and mystical gates, to finally face his demise. The old demons gives him a warm welcome, haha! This is a fantastic piece of art, and I love how all the puzzles comes together, and youre finally able to see the whole picture, and understand every hidden moment. I do however have a strong gut feeling, this story isnt quite finished yet… I guess time will tell if im right....

"Into The Desert Temple", is the first full length album from Cryptic Void. The guys have put a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears into this baby. And all their hard efforts pays off big time here. Because this massive piece of work will make your putrid blood boil! Very competent blend of Death Metal, and Grindcore makes this band very saturated and spicy. The first two tracks are what we've come to expect from this squad. It's a dark story in two parts (btw, you might have heard them on the Wasteland promo ep). I wouldnt say these tracks stands out from the rest of the album. That would not be correct. It sounds more like one monumental piece.Every track on here, is lethally charged with a huge dose of speed, energy and ferocity. These Texan sickos have managed to create a real blasting BEAST… Also, I CANT say, this is the"usual" mix of genres. The guys did everything very nicely, clearly and technically… Though honestly, sometimes it sounds too good, haha!  

PS: This release should come with a warning attached to it.. Cos the noise on this thing, could make the listener wanna crack a skull, or two with a gdamn crowbar,hahaha!!!

Rating: 8.5/10     Cryptic Void bc      Cryptic Void fb  

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