Saturday, March 3, 2018

Deterioration - The Power Of Positive Thinking

Deterioration is well known nowadays, these guys have come a long way, but what was their beginning like? Does anyone remember? I'm lucky enough to have a chance to look at the bottom of this wild swamp (thanks to Grindfather Productions). Everything started with a noisy tape “The Power Of Positive Thinking”, 9 (!!!) years ago. Today I want to make my neighbours mad with the help of this super tape! The cassette starts with a pretty spicy intro (and it really surprised me). It's a part from a badass movie about “Swamp Thing” (one of the best Wes Craven films after A Nightmare on Elm Street of course). This short intro perfectly conveys the atmosphere of this release. Parts of that film periodically appear throughout the whole album, and that is freakin adorable. During all 30 minutes, The Power Of Positive Thinking will keep you under really heavy pressure. Listening to this tape, you will understand that the guys from the very beginning had found their own way, style and sound. It's hard to describe these tunes, but i will try. Imagine a gloomy swamp during a hurricane, thats it guys! The songs are messy and noisy but somehow they sound amazing. The guitar riffs are almost unrecognizable. It sounds low and massive and it creates something like an audio swamp that slowly draws in the listener. The combination of blast beats and vocals create some sort of sticky suffocating atmosphere which pours in through the ears. And fuck yes! This debut work contains a ton of dynamic energy (this is the main thing/core here). So if you still don't have this iconic release in your collections then stop being lazy and grab one! Rating: 8.5/10 Deterioration bc Deterioration fb

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