Monday, February 12, 2018

Sonic Poison - Combat Grind (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

Look who`s back! The young Finnish grinders from Sonic Poison have recorded new stuff! The guys didn't act like stinky cunts, they did not split up after the first ep “Harsh Demonstration” (you all know how many band love to split up after their first badass record) and that made me really happy. Their new work was released in tape and vinyl formats and it wears a proud name “Combat Grind”. With this lovely tape the guys are acting like Jeffrey Dahmer. They drill our heads with good and powerful noise and then they inject painful poison of oldstyle Grind. Our Finnish friends hid 7 ugly songs under this filthy cover. And I think that this cover deserves a separate review. I noted a tiny connection with the previous work (mostly because of the similar way of tearing the flesh). Just look closely at this art… I see theres a lot of influence from H. P. Lovecraft novels and maybe from Warhammer 40k universe. Tentacles, monsters, guts, corpses and an endless void of pain. What else do we need? So this satanic trip in old school times has a moldy taste. A taste of old sound and old hairy riffs. These Finnish guys really love the golden times of good music. Sonic Poison managed to recreate a dark,doomy atmosphere, but, with the addition of something all their own. Between sharp guitar riffs, solos and crazy blast beats seeps badass hoarse vocal. These screams and roars help to spice up the tracks with different textures and patterns. Every song has groovy death metal moments that actually remind me of bands like Repulsion, Obituary, Necrony, Impetigo,etc. I was surprised at the lack of samples from different movies… there is just music. These guys shoot song by song without any pauses, and it does them an honor. So if you`re a freak who loves old style music or you are an old man who is in nostalgic of old times, this tape is definitely for you! Rating: 8.5 Sonic Poison bc Sonic Poison fb Order this vinyl at