Monday, February 5, 2018

Corpse Eater - Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld

Today I am going back to the theme of one man projects. Personally for me it's a pretty hard topic because it's unbelievably difficult to create something really memorable, something interesting with only 1 mind at the helm. We all know a lot of bad examples, but also we know a few great one man bands. Well today I want to talk about German band Corpseeater. That project has a few releases and is not very well known at all. But, the guy managed to create something interesting and nasty and that's why I'm writing these words. Yes you can say that this is super primitive name, and maybe you are right. But, the name is nothing in comparison to the main point, the music (at least for me). Also this small release has a good slimy green cover art. There is a lot of funny corpses and other monsters, the main character looks like a strange mutilated Conan, hahaha! Here is an interesting fact, the whole EP is no longer than a few minutes. But, these 12 songs are really good. I find a lot of good heavy riffs and lovely primitive tempos. The guitar sounds pretty violent, this buzzing wildness has a drop of old spirit and I like it. This guy uses a drum machine for his noises, but these digital blastbeats do not sound annoying, they fit perfectly for this kind of Grind. And of course there is pitch shifted vocals and good growls(and they add to these songs a good gore tone). “Mutants in the Nuclear Afterworld” reminds me of bands such as Savage Man,Savage Beast and CUM. So if you're in love with such old noise, you should definitely check this band out! Rating: 7.5/10 Corpse Eater bc!