Sunday, January 28, 2018

Street Feet / Hallucination Realized (Rat Mix Records)

From the very beginning, our small noise society loved to do different splits. That shows respect to each other, and of course that was (and is) a good fun to make some splits with the friend bands. And now hold in my hands one of such cases. Two friend bands from USA on one small noisy tape - lovely!
Our first band is from Binghamton (New York State)... Street Feet is acting pretty aggressive, but their sound is far from brilliant ( it`s muted and messy). But aside from their dirty and goofy sound their riffs are badass… Short, sharp like like fragments from whizzbang! I can't say that this noisy is reach with different music variations, guys confidently hold to one direction, but is good to. This recording contains good portion of heavy energy and that is the main thing here (and for grindcore in general).
Our second band on this split is located in Rochester (New York). This band has a little bit of a different approach to recording. The sound of the Hallucination Realized side is great! Its much cleaner than their friends from Street Feet. I can honestly say that this guitar sound, riffs and the song structures are memorable. The whole record has a tiny death metal taste and that is a good sauce. Also I want to highlight the excellent vocals, these screams and yelling are damn good, they make these songs more spicy.
Rating: Street Feet - 7 Hallucination Realized - 8

You can get this tape thru Rat Mix Records!